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Small businesses often see themselves as priced out of cloud services, but that doesn’t have to be true. VirtuWorks can provide affordable, scalable IT solutions for those without hundreds of employees or huge profits. Whether you need help managing data privacy or setting up an infrastructure to work from home, our cloud-based IT services can help.

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    Keep Up With Technology

    As a small business, it takes less time to evolve, but the cost and time investment to install, manage, and upgrade IT assets can be intimidating. Our locally-based IT services take that burden off your shoulders, letting you focus on your customers or products, while saving you money.

    Work From Home

    Having employees at their desks is a useful tool, but small businesses can also ease the pressure on their office space through remote staffing. VirtuWorks facilitates instant and secure access to files from all around the world. Our cloud services provide a way for employees to access the applications they’re familiar with without expensive hardware requirements. The Adobe Creative Suite, accounting software, or more niche solutions can be at their fingertips instantly.

    Collaborate With Ease

    Smaller companies can communicate and work together more effectively, and the right tools go a long way. VirtuWorks provides workplace chat, video calling, and document collaboration software so employees can work together even when they’re in different rooms or away from the office.

    Eliminate Lost Data

    Data loss can be fatal for a small business, whether it’s from technical failure, a security breach, or misplaced documents. VirtuWorks ensures you won’t lose access to ongoing and former projects, delivering visibility over every document you upload and regular and redundant backups.

    Ensure Regulatory Compliance

    Regulatory compliance and correct data handling are becoming ever more important, but many small businesses find these a headache to manage. Our cloud services comply with federal data protection standards and include layered security protocols to make sure your sensitive customer or client data is safe.

    Improve Your Business’s Productivity

    During physical labor, having the right tool for the job is essential, and digital services are no different. Whether you’re managing finances, liaising with clients, editing documents, or attending virtual meetings, the right application offers the chance to work smarter and more effectively.

    Though the perceived cost of moving to the cloud has made some small businesses hesitant to adopt, smart investment in the right areas can allow them to move faster than the big-budget competition and provide unique value.

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