Microsoft Teams Support and Services For SMB

Real-time collaboration makes the workplace more efficient and allows employees to be more effective through teamwork. Microsoft Teams brings a new level of collaboration that makes for an extraordinary user experience.


The seamless integration of Microsoft Teams with Office 365 means employees can easily share files and calendars, switch between voice, video, and text chat, and collaboratively edit content. The tool can be accessed from a web browser, a desktop app, or a mobile app, meaning people can work together no matter where they are on the planet.

There are plenty of reasons to love Teams.

One Centralized Hub

Leading-edge centralized capabilities to more effectively facilitate that communication and collaboration on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and SharePoint content. Even with third-party tools.

Mobile Device Management & Security

Intune in Office 365 protects and manages any user device and the apps used to access data. Sharing rules manage how data is used and set parameters ensure compliance.

Cost Effective and Timely

  • Accommodate up to 5,000 members
  • Training modules for IT professionals
  • IT configuration policy for creating role-based user experiences
  • More ways to personalize a user’s mobile experience

As a part of Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams is included in your subscription. Wherever your employees are working, they will always get our world-class technology and familiar apps. With its integrated communication abilities, data and file accessibility, and calendaring features, Microsoft Teams has become the central team collaboration platform your team will love. As it continues to add better features, more premium functionality, and built-in integrations, it looks to remain the tool of choice for years to come.