Cyber Security Services For Small Business

As the world hurdles itself into a brand new technological age, business and government entities are required to grapple with a multitude of novel threats that accompany the wonders that technology can offer.


Your Business’s Security is Our Top Priority

New attacks are launched daily for any multitude of reasons. Disgruntled ex-employees, enraged activists, hackers, and cyber thieves alike are utilizing their technological prowess to affect a multitude of virtual attacks upon businesses, governments, and individuals. These external powers have been known to shut down entire networks, deploy phishing scams, implant malware, and of course steal financial identifying information. Often, these groups will hold your business hostage and demand you pay a ransom to gain back control – but the ransom doesn’t work.

Many experts have surmised that these types of attacks are actually just the beginning of a new age of cyber assault as civilization is confronted with both the brilliance and power that computer technology dually offers.

So, how does this changing digital landscape affect you? What can your business do to protect the sensitive information of its clients, partners, and employees?

Most companies pad on security only after they’ve been infiltrated and have burned through hundreds of thousands of dollars in loss and lawsuits – not to mention the faith of their clients. However, there is another way. Really, the best time to purchase a fire extinguisher is before you have a kitchen fire, not after – and this equally applies to the safety of your business.

Choosing Virtuworks will ensure you have a next-generation comprehensive security system in place to protect. We employ industry best practices paired with an extensive layered system of fault tolerance to mitigate a multitude of disastrous scenarios.

No longer will you have to worry if you’ve done enough; if your business is truly protected enough from these menacing external terrors and nuisances. Virtuworks is comprised of a team of the most advanced computer experts who are constantly upgrading their security measures to ensure that at all times they provide the most advanced and up-to-date managed IT services solution in the world – so that you can sleep at night knowing your business is safe and sound.

Proactive Security

The Virtuworks managed IT services solution includes not only top-level skills and resources at a fraction of the individual costs, but it also protects against targeted malware, customer data threats, phishing scams, and DDOS attacks.

Remote Supervision

The Virtuwork’s managed security service solution includes round-the-clock surveillance of both physical and digital premises in addition to security audits and assessments, the supervision of patch management and upgrades, the management of intrusion detection systems and firewalls, and many more features so that your business is wholly protected from known and unknown digital threats.

Other functionalities include:

  • Full Auditing of all Security Event logs to audit all user activities
  • Routine Penetration Tests
  • Patch Management
  • Webroot® Anti-Virus Provided to all users
  • Malware Bytes Pro for all users
  • Incident Management
  • Snort Packet Monitoring of all traffic in and out of our datacenters
  • Active Blocking of known BAD Actors using machine learning lists
  • Password Policy Management