From small offices to large firms, VirtuWorks provides a feature-rich, scalable IT solution for architects. Whether you need help streamlining the proposal process, managing client data, or planning a build, our cloud-based services will give you the technical support you require. Our solutions enable quick deployment of all the technology and tools that architectural firms require.

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    On-board New Staff

    Architecture firms have diverse requirements when it comes to staff, with a need for project managers, construction administrators, engineers, and more. Our cloud-based user management system makes onboarding a breeze, with quick creation of easy-to-use profiles that increase organization.

    Reduce IT Management Costs

    Why waste time managing IT assets? VirtuWorks provides 24/7 locally-based IT services that are there to reduce the technological burden and let you focus on your clients and proposals.

    Model on the Move

    Increasingly, firms are moving towards a mixture of on and off-premises work, but that can be challenging for architects due to niche software requirements. VirtuWorks provides instant, secure access to your models and documents across offices and in the field, as well as applications like SketchUp, Revit, Rhino 3D, AutoCAD, and ArchiCAD.

    Render in the Cloud

    Rendering a mock-up for a client can take an unwieldy amount of time or substantial hardware investment. VirtuWorks removes the wait with access to batch rendering services that come with plugins for industry 3D software and can scale up to farms of thousands of machines.

    Eliminate Lost Data

    Sketches, meeting minutes, proposals, and models can easily be lost or misplaced, losing hours of work. Our cloud solutions give visibility over every document you upload and offer regular and redundant backups so you don’t have to worry about file security.

    Guarantee Regulatory Compliance

    Managing clients comes with regulatory hurdles as compliance in data handling becomes more important than ever. Our cloud services match federal data protection standards and include layered security protocols to make sure all your sensitive client data stays safe.

    Improve Your Firm’s Productivity

    VirtuWorks’ services provide increased flexibility and convenience, but they can also enhance productivity. Whether you’re editing a proposal online, holding virtual meetings with clients and subcontractors, or sharing plans and models, each application provides methods to work faster and more efficiently.

    With many architecture firms still missing a dedicated IT budget to bring these strategies to life, a tech-centric firm can stand out.

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