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From small law offices to enterprise-level law firms, VirtuWorks provides a feature-rich, scalable IT solution for legal practitioners. Whether you need help streamlining your discovery process, managing time-sensitive casework, or corralling your client data, our cloud-based IT services offer all the technical support you need.

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    On-board New Legal Staff

    Our cloud-based user management system makes on-boarding legal staff a breeze, whether you’re hiring law clerks, paralegals, or senior-level attorneys. Create simple, easy-to-use profiles that keep everything organized and reduce the time needed to get new hires up and running.

    Reduce IT Management Costs

    Don’t waste another second managing your IT assets. Our 24/7, locally-based IT services take the work off your shoulders, freeing you up to focus on legal issues that demand immediate attention.

    Mobile Casework

    Cloud-based case management is the only practical way to work these days, whether you’re working in-house or in the field. VirtuWorks provides secure and instant access to your files and applications, such as ProLaw, PCLaw, and Timesheets, from anywhere in the world.

    Eliminate Lost Data

    It’s easy for paper files, documents, and even digital casework to get lost or misplaced. When this happens, your firm is on the hook. VirtuWorks’ cloud solutions bring visibility to every document you upload and offer regular and redundant backups to guarantee file security.

    Guarantee Regulatory Compliance

    Regulatory compliance in data handling is more important than ever—something legal firms understand well. Our cloud services are compliant with federal data protection standards and include layered security protocols that ensure security for all sensitive clients.

    Improve Your Firm’s Productivity

    VirtuWorks’ services aren’t just about convenience—they’re about productivity. Whether you’re editing documents online, attending virtual meetings with partners, or sharing case details across mobile, every application offers an opportunity to work faster, smarter, and more productively.

    Given that fewer than 60% of legal firms have a dedicated IT budget in place to bring these strategies to life, there’s plenty of room in the market for tech-centric firms to stand out.

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