IT Solutions for Real Estate and Mortgage Businesses

All Your Business IT Needs In One, Simple Package

Whether it’s a local real estate agency or a national one, VirtuWorks offers scalable and agile IT solutions, from streamlining your property research, to managing client data, or accessing industry CRM software, our cloud-based IT services can help. Our Virtual Office provides fast deployment of all the necessary tools and technology that employees need to minimize disruption.

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On-board New Staff

VirtuWorks’ cloud-based employee management system simplifies the acquisition of new staff, whether they’re receptionists, listing agents, brokers, realtors, or rental agents. Easy-to-use profiles aid with organization and speed-up the onboarding process with pre-configured email, cloud storage, and enterprise or custom software.

Reduce IT Management Costs

Managing IT assets can be expensive and time-consuming. We’re available 24/7, with locally based IT services ready to lift the burden at a moment’s notice. For you, that means spending less time getting tech to work and more time following leads.

Mobile Customer and Lead Management

Real estate is, by its nature, a mobile industry. Agents can rarely rely on the comfort of an office to get work done, instead having to find time wherever they can. VirtuWorks enables instant, secure access to documents, as well as software like Follow Up Boss, PropSpace, Dotloop, or more custom solutions.

Eliminate Lost Data

Regardless of whether its due to a system error or misplaced paperwork, lost leads or marketing material can affect the bottom line. VirtuWorks gives you access to regular and redundant backups of every document you upload, guaranteeing their security.

Guarantee Regulatory Compliance

Due to recent legislation, regulatory data compliance is more complex and important than ever. Given the sensitive information collected by real estate agencies, such as social security numbers, credit scores, and driver’s licenses, this can be even more of a headache. VirtuWorks ensures its cloud services always comply with federal data protection requirements and ensure the safety of your customers’ data through layered and time-tested security protocols.

Boost your Agency’s Productivity

It’s no coincidence that many of the top real estate performers are already using some form of cloud computing. VirtuWorks’ services can get you up to speed, whether you’re conducting online meetings, sending emails, managing customer relations, or sharing documents. You can gain the convenience of accessing the tools needed from any location, at any time, with no time wasted reporting back to the premises.

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24/7/365 Support

Rest easy knowing you’re supported by highly qualified, U.S. based technicians and engineers to keep your business running smoothly.

Quick Response Times

At Virtuworks we pride ourselves on responding to our clients needs in 15 minutes or less on average. We never want to be the barrier between your employees and productivity.

On-Site Troubleshooting

Today’s resources allow most work to be achieved remotely. However, Virtuworks stands ready to engage on-site whenever and wherever it is deemed necessary for optimal results.

IT Maintenance & Updates

Our managed IT offering takes a proactive approach to managing your IT infrastructure. We reduce technology support incidents and keep devices maintained and operating at their best.

Predictable Monthly Billing

Our managed IT services gives you predictable monthly expenses for a defined service level agreement. Our competitive pricing is packed with value.

Security & Monitoring

Centralized antivirus, email protection, system monitoring and auditing and penetration management for strong baseline security.


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