Managed IT – Security & Monitoring Services

VirtuWorks takes pride in our comprehensive offering of Managed IT Services and uses reasonable efforts to service and maintain all Customer Systems in accordance with the following:
Managed IT Miami - Virtuworks

Security & Monitoring Services

  • End-Point Security Management (Security for all your user devices)
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring:
    • Critical Processes, Services, Events, Warnings and Errors
    • Performance – Memory and CPU
    • Disk Utilization
    • Network Device Outages
  • Firewall Security Management
    • Firewall Log Recording to our datacenter
    • Firewall Rules Management
    • Firewall Configuration Changes
    • 24×7 Monitoring of Firewall Availability
    • 24×7 Response – Remote Support of Firewall Outages
    • Software & Firmware Updates
    • 24×7 Management / Monitoring / Remediation of all VPNs
  • Perimeter Control and Security Management Off or On-Premise (Intrusion Protection, Intrusion Detection)
    • User Management
    • Monitoring and Remediation of triggered security alerts
    • Continuous External Penetration Scans performed weekly / Remediation
    • Continuous Internal Penetration Scans performed weekly /Remediation (when Nessus is made available to us by the customer)
    • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Cloud Security Management:
    • User Access Monitoring / Auditing / Archiving
    • 24×7 Snort Monitoring and Packet Archiving (15 days of forensic packet data is stored)
    • Emerging Threats Blacklist (blocks known Criminal Organizations and Ransomware hosts)
    • Outbound HTTP/HTTPS Proxy on all outbound traffic
    • Log Management and Archiving
    • Log Monitoring and Alerting / Action on Threats
    • Continuous Penetration Scans performed weekly and Remediated
  • Use of enterprise quality toolsets and process to monitor and manage networking, server, and storage
  • Enterprise-Class Monitoring and support of IT infrastructure including; security elements, networks, servers, backup, disaster recovery, wireless access points, applications, databases, and more
  • Enterprise-Class Continuous Monitoring tools for database, operating system, and hardware issues
  • Customer Visibility of Real-time Portal Monitoring of their full infrastructure stack (Networks, hosts, guests, applications, processes and resource components)
  • Monitoring reports including availability and uptime
  • Domain registrar and DNS administration
  • Virus, malware and spam protection
  • Web filtering
  • Capacity analysis and forecasting
  • 1m Cyber Protection Insurance
  • On-site intervention when needed

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