Network Security Monitoring For Small Business

VirtuWorks takes pride in our comprehensive offering of Managed IT Services and uses reasonable efforts to service and maintain all Customer Systems in accordance with the following:
Managed IT Miami - Virtuworks

Security & Monitoring Services

  • End-Point Security Management (Security for all your user devices)
  • 24/7 Server Monitoring:
    • Critical Processes, Services, Events, Warnings and Errors
    • Performance – Memory and CPU
    • Disk Utilization
    • Network Device Outages
  • Firewall Security Management
    • Firewall Log Recording to our datacenter
    • Firewall Rules Management
    • Firewall Configuration Changes
    • 24×7 Monitoring of Firewall Availability
    • 24×7 Response – Remote Support of Firewall Outages
    • Software & Firmware Updates
    • 24×7 Management / Monitoring / Remediation of all VPNs
  • Perimeter Control and Security Management Off or On-Premise (Intrusion Protection, Intrusion Detection)
    • User Management
    • Monitoring and Remediation of triggered security alerts
    • Continuous External Penetration Scans performed weekly / Remediation
    • Continuous Internal Penetration Scans performed weekly /Remediation (when Nessus is made available to us by the customer)
    • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Cloud Security Management:
    • User Access Monitoring / Auditing / Archiving
    • 24×7 Snort Monitoring and Packet Archiving (15 days of forensic packet data is stored)
    • Emerging Threats Blacklist (blocks known Criminal Organizations and Ransomware hosts)
    • Outbound HTTP/HTTPS Proxy on all outbound traffic
    • Log Management and Archiving
    • Log Monitoring and Alerting / Action on Threats
    • Continuous Penetration Scans performed weekly and Remediated
  • Use of enterprise quality toolsets and process to monitor and manage networking, server, and storage
  • Enterprise-Class Monitoring and support of IT infrastructure including; security elements, networks, servers, backup, disaster recovery, wireless access points, applications, databases, and more
  • Enterprise-Class Continuous Monitoring tools for database, operating system, and hardware issues
  • Customer Visibility of Real-time Portal Monitoring of their full infrastructure stack (Networks, hosts, guests, applications, processes and resource components)
  • Monitoring reports including availability and uptime
  • Domain registrar and DNS administration
  • Virus, malware and spam protection
  • Web filtering
  • Capacity analysis and forecasting
  • 1m Cyber Protection Insurance
  • On-site intervention when needed

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