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In the Property Management & Hospitality industry, technology can make or break a company. PM’s must remain agile and ready to respond to unexpected circumstances in ways that can seem daunting. Natural disasters, property damage, legal and domestic issues, you name it. That’s why Virtuworks’ Virtual Office provides the fast deployment of a feature-rich, scalable IT solution that includes all of the necessary technology and tools that Property Management Firms require.

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    On-board New Staff

    Our cloud-based management system means new staff can be quickly equipped via easy-to-use profiles that come with pre-configured tools such as email, cloud storage, and enterprise software. The result is less time spent getting new hires up and running and more on training and team building.

    Reduce IT Management

    Managing IT assets can be an expensive, time-consuming, and daunting task. VirtuWorks can reduce costs via a network of locally-based IT services. Our experts will take the stress out of your hands and let you focus on keeping clients and tenants happy.

    Work Off-Premises

    Property management companies have to deal with a diverse range of needs, many of which require work in the field. VirtuWorks can provide secure remote access to software like Appfolio Property Manager, Buildium, Planon, and more. Employees can gain the tools to quickly mark an inspection status and repair or browse customer complaints from anywhere.

    Eliminate Lost Data

    Misplaced tenant contracts, proof of employment documents, or budgets can cause major issues. VirtuWorks provides visibility over every file you upload and offers regular and redundant backups to keep documents secure and mitigate downtime if there’s a large-scale data loss.

    Guarantee Regulatory Compliance

    Property Managers will understand well the need for regulatory compliance. VirtuWorks’ cloud services fully adhere to federal data protection standards, and include layered security protocols to make sure your customers’ sensitive data is safe.

    Improve Your Firm’s Productivity

    Whether you’re writing an email, managing budgets, or holding online meetings, our services provide you with applications that help employees work more effectively. The results of collaborative tools and stable experiences add up over time to help your company move faster.

    With many property management firms yet to take full advantage of the cloud, VirtuWorks’ services offer a chance to get an edge on competitors.

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