IT providers can have a significant variance when it comes to the solutions they offer, their response times, and the quality of their service. As a result, Microsoft doesn’t partner with just anyone. It has instead developed a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program with strict requirements to ensure excellence.

At a minimum, CSPs must add value on top of Microsoft’s existing Azure services, provide reliable support, prove they have strong technical expertise, and simplify clients’ billing. Within this, however, there are two types of providers: Tier 1 and Tier 2. While there are some situations where a Tier 2 provider can be beneficial, a Tier 1 CSP like VirtuWorks can provide distinct benefits to all organizations.

A Tier 1 Provider Offers More Direct Relationships

A Tier 1 CSP is characterized by its ability to work and converse directly with Microsoft and the customer. Unlike a Tier 2 provider, they have their own extensive infrastructure. This allows them to provide managed services, support, and billing without the need for resellers.

So, what does this mean for the customer? The fewer steps in the supply chain, the more efficient it becomes. No middlemen are taking a cut on licensing or causing delays at each step of the process.

Instead, your CSP can take direct action as soon as they become aware of your request or problem. All of your services are coordinated by a single provider that already understands your business’s needs and challenges.

Support agents will be available 24/7 to address any issues. They also proactively monitor software, catching many problems before you even report them. In instances where support must be escalated, a Tier 1 CSP has a direct line to Microsoft and advanced support agreements to ensure a timely response.

Customizable, Affordable, and Predictable

A CSP’s close relationship with both you and Microsoft enables more customizability. Your CSP can tailor solutions to suit your business’s specific needs. When required, they can work directly with Microsoft to achieve this, integrating proprietary value-added tools that increase your efficiency or reduce learning curves.

As part of this process, you can also define which infrastructure and data you wish to maintain control of. This is especially important in key industries like finance and law. Companies in these fields may have internal departments to handle some data and meet compliance standards.

Critically, all of this is provided in a single monthly invoice with a clear breakdown of spending. This allows enterprises to accurately predict finances and see exactly where their money is going. Your CSP will further work with you to help you eliminate overlapping expenses, manage and acquire external subscriptions, and advise on other budgetary optimizations.

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As a Tier 1 CSP and Microsoft Gold Partner, VirtuWorks can provide your business with these benefits and more. With 25+ years in business and a litany of value-added services, we’re committed to helping your business run smoothly and sustainably. To leverage the advantages of an MS Tier 1 CSP or just learn more, give us a call.