Managed IT – Workstation Management

VirtuWorks takes pride in our comprehensive offering of Managed IT Services and uses reasonable efforts to service and maintain all Customer Systems in accordance with the following:

Workstation Management

  • On-site intervention when needed
  • Remote Deployment, Setup and Management of:
    • Power Settings
    • Mapped drives & Printers
    • Optical & USB Drivers Access Control
    • Single Desktop Profile Migration Assistance
    • Remote Authorized User Profile Migration Assistance for Windows
    • Desktop profile copy and migration to new PC
    • Support & Troubleshooting
    • Move/Add/Changes IMAC Hardware & Software
    • Disk Defragmentation, Disk Check and Cleanup
  • Antimalware and Virus Management & Patch Management:
    • Licensing for all Workstation Endpoints
    • Software Installation, Configuration and Continuous Compliance
    • Latest Antimalware & Antivirus Definitions and Policy Management
    • Virus or Threat Correction
    • Review, testing and release of all approved New Microsoft Security Patches

Managed Services whitepaper