Managed IT – Server & Application Management

VirtuWorks takes pride in our comprehensive offering of Managed IT Services and uses reasonable efforts to service and maintain all Customer Systems in accordance with the following:

Server & Application Management

  • On-site intervention when needed
  • Remote Software Installation, Configuration and Continuous Compliance
  • Remote Server Management:
    • Configuration Changes
    • Disk Capacity Management
    • Clustering and Replication Management
    • Monthly Disk Defragmentation, Disk Check and Cleanup
    • Monthly Release, Review, and Testing of New & Approved Microsoft Security Patches
    • Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange
    • Support & Troubleshooting
  • Management and Hosting of Corporate and Media sites
  • Patching and update management
  • Microsoft & Linux Servers, VMware & Virtual environments, Enterprise solutions (i.e. HP, Verizon, Watchguard, Veeam, Microsoft Azure Site Recovery), supported
  • Management of CPU, disk utilization, memory, file monitoring
  • Management of Public, Private or Hybrid cloud environments in any configuration over multiple data centers and locations
  • Virus or Threat Correction
  • Animalware and Anti-Virus Management & Policy Management
  • Virtual infrastructure management and support
  • Customer and Licensed Software Application Monitoring & Support

Managed Services whitepaper