Microsoft Office 365Get on board with Office 365

As a Microsoft Tier-1 Cloud Solutions Provider, Virtuworks helps you provision, manage, support and extend Microsoft Office 365 and On-Premise Systems using our Integrated Hybrid Cloud and provisioning tools. Everything your business needs in one place, accessed from anywhere.

Virtual Office

Our flagship product provides an extended remote desktop operating system, complete with the power and utility of Office 365 and cloud folders. Your entire network in the cloud, with a plethora of software, services and unparalelled support.

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Microsoft Office 365 & Azure

Office 365 is Microsoft's well-known subscription cloud service. It provides access to several Microsoft productivity software titles and services. VirtuWorks helps you to provision Office 365 accounts within your organization. We also extend the Office 365 platform with additional automation and services unique to VirtuWorks. Best of all, we handle the billing relationship, which means that all of your Microsoft and VirtuWorks subscription bundles will appear on 1 monthly invoice.

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Managed IT Services

VirtuWorks will provide your organization with a dedicated virtual CTO to guide your business and assist with things like software and hardware installation, system monitoring, user account management, IT project consulting and much more. Our 24/7 technical support staff is in-house, and U.S. based.

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Cloud-Based PBX

Get the powerful features of an Enterprise PBX phone system at a fraction of the cost with Hosted PBX and business-class VoIP telephone service. Our PBX is a managed service which is accessible through an online portal, where you have full control of an extensive feature set.

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Cyber Security & Compliance Management

VirtuWorks takes cyber security very seriously. We employ cutting edge hardware and software tactics in the ongoing fight against hacks, spam, viruses, malware and the like. Our technologies and procedures include penetration testing, auditing and log maintenance, WAP Security, SSO Techniques (sniffers etc.), anti-virus / malware protection and more.

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