Virtual Servers & Hosting For Small Business

Why go Virtual?

Virtual Hosting originated as a way to superpower smaller entities, giving them access to the luxury of superfast computing, infinite storage, and unparalleled security that typically only a larger corporation would be able to enjoy.



Easily established and configured, utilizing a virtual server allows small-to-medium businesses to harness the processing power, security, and scalability for a fraction of the true ownership cost.

Running your web sites, servers, and data storage on the virtual cloud servers at VirtuWorks’ ensures will not only give you access to top-of-line performance – but your top-tier performance is also exquisitely protected and reinforced. Our infrastructure is located at the world-class Terremark NAP (Network Access Point) of the Americas, a Tier IV datacenter that is safeguarded against any and all weather, terror, or power outage dilemmas that would normally result in downtime for other regular physical servers.

Optimized IT Costs + Management Performance Flexibility
Enjoy Lower Total Ownership Cost Compared to Physical In-House Servers with easy management, unified technical control, and automated security patching. Take your business to new heights with improved performance and the built-in redundancy & security VMware offers Experiencing hyper-growth?

Scale up your business in no time with the flexibility to create servers on demand and reduce time to market for new products and initiatives utilizing the 24/7/365 support of Virtuworks’

Of course, most importantly, our world-class technology infrastructure is backed by unparalleled 24/7/365 customer support, to help your business achieve outstanding results.