Organizations of all sizes are slowly moving away from the traditional in-house IT departments to a more outsourced approach. They’ve learned there are enormous benefits to partnering with a managed IT service provider:

  • Controlled and predictable spending on IT.
  • Expertise of certified IT professionals.
  • Freedom to focus on the core of their business, not IT problems.
  • Access to proactive solutions that keep pace with a rapidly changing tech landscape.
  • Risk reduction through monitoring, management, and updating of critical updates.

One benefit that doesn’t get mentioned nearly enough, though, is the one-on-one support employees have access to. When you partner with VirtuWorks, you gain immediate access to our amazing help desk. No question is too small or big for our pros to handle. Is there a newbie who doesn’t know how to get started with Office Online? How about an issue with syncing emails to a mobile device? A quick call to VirtuWorks delivers the help they need.

How to Access VirtuWork’s Help Desk

We offer several ways for clients to receive support:

  • Open a support ticket to report a new incident through our online support request form. This ticket prompts the appropriate representative to immediately contact you.
  • Live chat connects you with the first available support agent directly through a browser, no matter where you are.
  • Our online remote support and collaboration portal allows for real-time collaboration and assistance; it offers fast and secure support the moment it’s needed.

Add Value with a Managed IT Microsoft Certified Provider

Microsoft certified solution providers specialize in providing the latest customer solutions for Microsoft Online services like Microsoft Office 365 and Azure. “Not only does working with a certified solution provider help you take full advantage of the cloud,” says VirtuWork’s CEO, Omar Armenteros, “it also provides the assistance required to identify solutions your business needs to become more agile and efficient.

It’s this strategic thinking and hands-on skills VirtuWorks brings to the process that sets it apart. Other benefits include:

  • Prioritization and delivery of technology solutions.
  • Working with a provider who is confirmed by Microsoft to have the knowledge, skills, and commitment to implementing tech solutions that match your exact business needs.
  • Access to leading development tools.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we are part of a global community that has passed the highest level of requirements and demonstrated the most efficient and scalable implementation of Microsoft technologies. We have the knowledge and expertise needed to help you take full advantage of Microsoft solutions while driving business growth.


Outsourced IT support from VirtuWorks gives your organization the level of service support it needs to sustain a fully functioning IT department without the need to employ full-time staff to manage IT infrastructure, or the need to have an in-house help desk department to address day-to-day IT problems. It’s a secure, cost-effective way to give your employees the support they need and keep your business up and running when unforeseen problems occur.

Finally, from a bottom-line perspective, it lets you reduce a CapEx category like hardware costs by replacing it with an SaaS and/or IaaS model. That’s an attractive solution for any business looking to lower costs without sacrificing the support, training, and technical expertise its workers need to succeed.