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Businesses, small and large, lose billions of dollars per year due to breaches in data security, and companies like Microsoft have responded by investing billions in R&D to combat them. Developing technologies like Single Sign-On, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Machine Learning, Biometrics, and more, Microsoft has made securing your data easier and more comprehensive than ever.

Included in Microsoft EMS:

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Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security is comprised of four products that form a highly effective device and virtual identity management suite. In a world of BYOD and distributed workforce, EMS delivers maximum IT security and control, while making good security practices second nature.

Azure Active Directory Premium

Azure AD Premium provides single sign-on to all your resources, whether on-premise, or in the cloud. No more remembering multiple passwords. To make adherence to good security practices even easier, Azure AD Premium is packed with more powerful features:

  • Multifactor authentication – Verify identity via SMS, Biometric Scanning, and more
  • Conditional access: Define criteria, like location and schedule, required for log-ins
  • Single sign-on with iOS and Android
  • Access and meta-data associated reporting

Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune allows you to link an unlimited number of mobile devices to an employees’ Azure Active Directory profile, making it the link between an employee’s mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows) and corporate data. Centrally deploy corporate apps and allow or deny users, data, devices, and apps.

  • Manage devices from a single, unified mobile solution.
  • Create app protection policies that keep your data safe
  • Globally scalable cloud architecture

Azure Rights Management

Document-level security with Azure Rights Management verifies that a user attempting to access a protected file is authorized to do so. Through intuitive and granular controls, you are able to allow or deny viewing requests based multiple criteria, including:

  • Company (Internal/External)
  • Employment status (Ex. Deny a former employee viewing, even if the files are on a USB stick)
  • Date of viewing
  • Azure Active Directory Profile information

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics​

Real-time security monitoring with ATA logs every interaction with your network and files, collects all metadata, like location, device and time, and combines global threat analysis and company-specific behavior patterns to identify suspicious activity.

  • AI analysis for anomalous and suspicious activities
  • Detection of malicious attacks
  • Alerts for known risks

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Work Better, Together

Standardized tools, resources, and security throughout your organization

The VirtuWorks suite of IT Services enable your people to work as a team

Work Anywehre

Mobile. Productive. Secure. Supported.

Break free of geographical limitations with the Resources, Security and IT Support of VirtuWorks Virtual Office.

Maximize Productivity

Fast IT issue resolution

IT Support Services from VirtuWorks will fix issues quickly to ensure your staff remains effective

What makes VirtuWorks your ideal IT Security Provider?

The short answer to this question is; Experience. Providing IT Security Services to SMB’s in South Florida, and around the world for over two decades, VirtuWorks has gained invaluable insight into what it takes to play a meaningful role in our customers’ success. Based on that insight, we have developed processes, procedures, and tools that enable us to secure our client’s data and environments against new and emerging threats.

Free Security Assessment

A VirtuWorks consultant will discuss with you, and assess your current IT Security environment, to identify key factors and risks. We’ll then develop a plan to address deficiencies in your protection, and reduce your exposure to threats.

No Term Contracts

Unlike the majority of MSP’s, we do not try to lock you into a lengthy term contract, making the decision to move to VirtuWorks risk-free. We’re confident you’ll stay with us once you’ve experienced the VirtuWorks Advantage.

VirtuWorks Is a Microsoft CSP

Our status as a Microsoft CSP gives us unique access to tools, training, support and materials, not available to other IT providers. This enables VirtuWorks to offer more complete services to our customers.

Training Is Key To Our Success

Great tools are pointless if your staff doesn’t know how to use them. Once projects are complete, our experienced team will provide the documentation and training necessary to bring your team up to speed.

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IT Security is a Snap with EMS

Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that they lock their car doors, arm their home alarm systems, and cover the keypad when using the ATM. Now, ask those same people how they protect their professional data, and prepare for the wave of blank stares coming your way. The reason for this is simple: IT Security used to be a pain!

Fortunately, Microsoft EMS addresses the most common pain points of the past, and leaves business owners hard-pressed to find new excuses NOT to secure their environments.

Pain Points Resolved With EMS

  • “It’s hard to remember 20 different passwords”
  • “I don’t want to jump through hoops to access my data”
  • “Managing user permissions is a hassle”
  • “Things run slower in a secure environment”
  • “I’m too small to be a target”
  • “My data isn’t valuable enough to be of concern”

what clients say about us

“Virtuworks is always responsive and quick. They acknowledge when a ticket is received, and they know the importance and reliability that we have on our computers and get issues resolved the quickest possible.”

Nataly M.
5 Stars


“I learned about Virtuworks while working at my previous employer. They are always available to assist and, not only fix the issue when something comes, up but also educate you on what was done, and how to prevent future situations.

Carlos I.
5 Stars


“When everything you do depends on the reliability of your computer, you need a super solid IT team to insure that productivity is not stopped because of computer glitches. This week, VirtuWorks came to the rescue three times! It is great to have a team like Virtuworks!”

Raquel P.
5 Stars


“I’ve been working with Virtuworks for over 11 years now. Our projects have ranged from deploying new email servers to implementing new ESX servers. Their entire team is very knowledgeable and they are always making sure we stay a step ahead of technology.”

Jose R.
5 Stars


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