Virtual Office XDR

$9999Per User/Month

Virtual Office XDR by VirtuWorks is your full-service IT package that includes essential software like Microsoft 365, critical protection, ultimate accessibility, the scalability of the cloud, and US-based IT pros to manage it all.

Need more than the basics? VirtuWorks has you covered with Add-On Packages designed to deliver the level of service, security, resources, and convenience you’re looking for. Click here for more.

VirtuWorks Virtual Office

What is “XDR?”
XDR stands for Extended Detection and Response. In short, it’s a practice utilizing artificial intelligence and advanced tools to collect and automatically correlate data across multiple security layers, allowing for faster detection, investigation, analysis of, and response to security threats.

Why do you need XDR?
Though you may have multiple security layers in place, such as a firewall, anti-virus, MFA, etc., each exist and operate independently of one another. This means that if an attack is levied across multiple vectors, it would require human interaction to recognize that activity, investigate its source, and shut it down. Depending on the sophistication of the attack, the situation can become a high-tech game of “Whack-a-Mole.”

With XDR, your cyber security is managed holistically. Collecting and correlating signal and alert data from all of your defenses, to quickly detect issues and respond accordingly.


Microsoft 365 Licensing

Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Microsoft Exchange Online – 50GB Mailbox, Online Archives
Microsoft OneDrive For Business 1TB Storage
Microsoft SharePoint Online
Microsoft Intune
Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Defender
Azure Information Protection
Azure AD Premium P1 License
Azure Virtual Desktop License
Business apps from Office (Bookings, MileIQ)
Upgrade rights to Windows 11 Pro

VirtuWorks Cloud

Shared Cloud Folders (100gb per user)

Cloud file storage on the VirtuWorks proprietary infrastructure that acts just like a legacy, local file server. Your shared folders appear in your file explorer with a drive letter on any PC where our MSPControl agent is installed, and adhere to permissions set by the administrator.

Multi-homed backup with 14-day Retention

Data stored in the VirtuWorks cloud is backed up nightly and replicated across multiple datacenters to ensure continuity, should a disaster affect any single repository. Backups are retained for a minimum of 14 days, to allow ample time for discovery of an issue, and the retrieval of critical data.

MSPControl Cloud Management Console

Our proprietary control Panel, MSPControl, enables our technicians to manage your accounts and services quickly and easily. For customers who prefer self-service, access can be granted to select individuals for the ability to manage day-to-day changes and updates.

Auto Provisioning Agent

Installed on your PC’s and local servers, our MSPControl agent pushes user account changes, syncs apps and cloud folders, facilitates RMM features, and more.

User Email Signature Synching and Automation

Standardizing your brand across your enterprise has never been easier. Our Exchange Email Signature management tools allow you to make changes to the look and content of your users’ signatures and sync them across all configured devices.

Maintenance & Support

Full User Onboarding Support

Moving to VirtuWorks is a cinch! Seasoned professionals will migrate your services, user accounts and data with no onboarding fees.

24/7/365 VirtuWorks Remote Support

Though most issues are avoided completely through our proactive management of your environment, some complications are inevitable. With priority-tiered SLA’s for Response, Planning, and Resolution, VirtuWorks is at the ready to assist remotely when unforeseen technical issues arise.

Advanced Microsoft Product Support and Response

Our status as a Tier 1 Microsoft CSP affords us exclusive access to upper-level Microsoft engineers for escalation of issues regarding Microsoft 365 and Azure services. This results in quicker and more reliable resolution to issues than is provided with consumer-direct support.

IT Asset Monitoring and Reporting

VirtuWorks catalogs and monitors your network’s connectivity, infrastructure devices, and endpoints on a constant basis to ensure maximum compliance and availability.

Microsoft Patch Management

Proactively defending against threats, errors and issues starts with a well-maintained environment. VirtuWorks actively monitors your devices to make sure the latest patches are installed, and critical updates are applied.

Remote PC/Mac Access

No more risky pinholes in your firewall or expensive 3rd-party solutions. Securely access your PC’s, Macs and local servers remotely using the RMM features provided through our MSPControl agent.

Online Ticketing System

VirtuWorks provides a convenient online portal where you’re able to submit new service requests, view the status of and update open tickets, and review the history of closed tickets.

Security & XDR

Microsoft Defender for Business – Windows/Mac/iOS/Android

Providing security across your devices with automation and built-in intelligence, Microsoft Defender for Business proactively guards against threats with human and AI analysis of trillions of signals, and protects against cybersecurity threats including malware and ransomware.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

VirtuWorks protects your data at each login with MFA. The availability of multiple authorization methods eliminates the risk of lockouts due to a lost, stolen, or unavailable device.

Password Policy Management

Strong passwords are an essential first-line defense. VirtuWorks’ password policy manager enforces password length, complexity, age, and more.

Spam, Phishing, and Virus Email Filtering

VirtuWorks employs numerous technologies, such as firewalls and gateways, to scan, filter, and sanitize email before it arrives in your inbox.

Fully Audited Cloud Environment

With complete visibility of log-ins, file access, user and system configuration changes, VirtuWorks is able to quickly investigate and report on suspicions of nefarious activity, improper account privileges, and more.

Built in Penetration and Exploit Management

Services and resources within the VirtuWorks Cloud are tested regularly for vulnerabilities and analyzed for evidence of breaches using advanced tools.

Fully automated Self-service password reset system

Forgotten or exposed passwords are among the most common user issues in IT. VirtuWorks makes these simple to resolve with our self-service password management.

ISO 27001 & 20000 Certified and Compliant Practices

ISO 27001 is the global standard for Information Security Management, governing how confidential data is handled and secured, both in-house and for 3rd parties. ISO 20000 is the global standard for Information Technology Service Management, governing how a service management system (SMS) is established, implemented, maintained and continually improved. VirtuWorks’ policies and procedures adhere strictly to these standards and are audited annually by an accredited outside firm.


Add functionality, support and security to your VirtuWorks Virtual Office XDR plan with our specially tailored add-on packages. Add-on packages require a Virtuworks Virual Office base package subscription, and can be mixed and matched as necessary. Some restrictions apply.

XDR Plus Add-On

$5999Per User/Month

Get serious about your security with this set of advanced tools, features and services. XDR Plus enables us to manage your security holistically by correlating signal, alert and historical data across the enterprise, and employ artificial intelligence to detect active threats, patch vulnerabilities, and effectively manage risk. Add to that user education and quarterly reporting, and you’ll quickly see why our XDR Plus add-on is the next generation in network security.


Endpoint Security Baseline

VirtuWorks applies and enforces the Windows 10/11 Security Baseline on all endpoints, a set of rules and settings that users and devices must meet to comply with security best practices. A similar compliance baseline is applied to macOS endpoints.

Endpoint Security Hardening

VirtuWorks applies 20+ policies specifically outlined by Microsoft to harden security on endpoint devices. These policies govern account elevations, disable potentially harmful programmatic automations, and lockdown other common attack vectors.

Microsoft Log Analytics Agent for Endpoint log collection and retention

The Azure Log Analytics agent collects telemetry from Windows and Linux virtual machines in any cloud, on-premises machines, and those monitored by System Center Operations Manager and sends collected data to your Log Analytics workspace in Azure Monitor. The Log Analytics agent also supports insights and other services in Azure Monitor such as VM insights, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, and Azure Automation.

Microsoft Sentinel for AI log analyzation and threat remediation

See and stop threats before they cause harm, with SIEM reinvented for a modern world. Microsoft Sentinel is your birds-eye view across the enterprise. Put the cloud and large-scale intelligence from decades of Microsoft security experience to work. Make your threat detection and response smarter and faster with artificial intelligence (AI). Eliminate security infrastructure setup and maintenance, and elastically scale to meet your security needs.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps enables VirtuWorks to discover every app on your network and quickly investigate usage patterns. It will deliver an automatic risk assessment of more than 16,000 apps based on 80 risk factors, from which we can sanction, unsanction, or block apps depending on their risk level.

Security Awareness Campaigns and Training

VirtuWorks will randomly send mock phishing emails to your users, to test their security awareness and resilience. Should the users interact with these test messages in a way that would have exposed them to an actual threat, they will be assigned training material, to help improve their threat detection skills. Reports can be sent Monthly, Semi-Monthly, or Weekly, detailing the results of each test, and identifying the users who may require additional assistance. 25 User minimum

3rd Party App Patch Management

We’ll go beyond management of patches of Microsoft products by scanning for all installed applications across the enterprise, and applying patches where necessary. This includes applications like Adobe Acrobat, Google Chrome, Java, and more.

Microsoft Secure Score Maintenance

The Microsoft Secure Score is a measurement of an organization’s security posture, with a higher number indicating more improvements made. VirtuWorks takes constant action to remediate vulnerabilities discovered, to increase this score and elevate your company’s overall security.

Quarterly Cyber Security Reviews with customer

Each fiscal quarter, your VirtuWorks representative will meet with you to review your current Microsoft Secure Score, your progress and incidents since last quarterly meeting, pending security initiatives, and discuss opportunities for improvement.

Onsite Support Add-On

$3999Per User/Month

While VirtuWorks can, and will always try first to handle most IT-related issues and tasks remotely, there are instances where an onsite visit is absolutely necessary.

Get 24/7/365 On-Site Support for a flat, monthly fee when you add this package to your VirtuWorks Virtual Office XDR base package.


24-7/365 Onsite Support

Standard SLA with Priority 1 and Emergency Escalation

After-Hours Emergency Response

*Minimum 85% user enrollment per location
*Only available in select markets

Windows Virtual Desktop Add-On

$3999Per User/Month

The Windows Virtual Desktop add-on delivers the power and convenience of Remote Windows Desktop and Thin Remote-Apps to users with the need to access your line-of-business apps. Move onsite applications like Quickbooks, Sage, LexisNexis, and more into the VirtuWorks Cloud, to take advantage of the full Virtual Office XDR experience.


Private Cloud Server dedicated to your business

Windows Virtual Desktop

Thin Remote-Apps

Image-based Backups with 14-day Retention of your Cloud Server

*Minimum of 5 users

Enterprise Upgrade

$1699Per User/Month

Upgrade the Microsoft 365 Business Premium license included in Virtual Office XDR to Enterprise E3. For businesses requiring increased data storage and protection, more advanced security features, support for large organizations, and/or license flexibility.

VirtuWorks Virtual Office Enterprise Upgrade


Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise Upgrade license

Increases mailbox storage limit from 50gb to 100gb and includes Unlimited In-place Archive

Increases OneDrive storage limit from 1tb to *5tb per user immediately, with unlimited storage upon request

Adds Advanced Data-loss Prevention and In-place Hold to OneDrive and SharePoint

Unlimited number of users (Business Premium limited at 300 users)

Microsoft ATA, Device Guard, Credential Guard, App Locker, Enterprise Data Protection, Azure AD Conditional Access

On-Premise CAL Rights for Exchange, SharePoint, Skype, Windows, SCCM, and Windows Rights Management