Your Comprehensive Managed IT Services Solution

First, what are Managed IT Services, and why do you even need them?

Truthfully, most business owners only become aware of the benefits of Managed IT Services after devastating crises such as phishing scams, catastrophic server outages, or outrageous hourly invoices from third party IT providers. So how can you best avoid these misfortunes without incurring serious costs?
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Both options of employing full-time security specialists or outsourcing IT to external consultants are pricey and not true long-term solutions for any small and midsized business (SMB). Due to the combined issues of budgetary limitations, lack of expertise, and lack of dedicated time – the need for a specialized and comprehensive solution for SMB’s has emerged.

The holistic Virtuworks Managed IT Services approach solves all of these SMB challenges simultaneously by providing predictive cost-effective billing, seamless monitoring, and 24/7/365 helpdesk support to small to mid-sized businesses.

What a Managed IT Services solution means for your business is: no more outages, no variable hourly bills, and ultimately no more technology headaches.

Specifically, the Virtuworks Managed IT Services solution allows you to decrease IT and hardware costs, increase security and data protection, and boost end-user productivity by removing the headaches and costs associated with individual IT administration and upkeep. We offer predictable flat-rate monthly billing, which allows you to receive anytime support at no extra cost. Our services are also built for scalability, which means our solution is pre-built to accommodate your business growth.

What do our services include?

The Elegance of Perfectly Synchronous Orchestration

It’s difficult to focus on business growth when you’re simultaneously managing IT and performing routine tedious manual tasks. Let Virtuworks take over the digital headache as we automate the majority of tasks and processes so that you are no longer bogged down by disparate tools, lack of organization, and mounting IT costs.

Virtuworks unique proposition of orchestrating Managed IT Services and business processes allows you to streamline operations and reduce tedious minutia such as Password Resets and the Distribution of Client Software. We also help to improve your end-user productivity by provisioning authority and services through our private client services portal. The beauty of Virtuwork’s automation technology is that the longer we serve your business, the faster our services become. Our orchestration techniques allow us to adapt and scale to your needs with agility so that processes such as monitoring & remediation, security and software updates, and employee onboarding only accelerate over time.

Key Benefits

Improved Performance

Orchestration provides your business with increased end-user productivity, better workflows, and continuous integration of software/hardware with less downtime. Orchestration allows us to keep costs low, deliver seamless continuous service, and offer agile and efficient IT management.

Reduced Risk

Avoid downtime with state-of-the-art server facilities; Virtuworks is able to boast an average uptime of 99.9% due to state-of-art server facilities located within Verizon’s Terremark that are protected from power outages, terrorism, and thievery 24/7/365. US based support personnel are also available round-the-clock to help you manage your IT, trouble-shoot issues, monitor your network, as well as assist in proactive desktop remote management and workstation maintenance

Cost-Effective Pricing

The no-surprise flat-rate is designed specifically with small businesses in mind. Sit comfortably within your budget and still receive any IT support for your employees without incurring extra costs.

The Virtuworks Managed Services Solution allows you to stay focused on what matters most – your business. Now your IT can finally support your business in the background without draining your attention and resources.

Onsite Support and Installations

For customers in South Florida, onsite support and non-project hardware installations are included as part of our Business IT Support service, at no additional charge. Give us a call to find out if your location(s) qualify for this feature.

Take IT to the next level…

Our Remote Office and Cloud Services Options relieve you of even more of the annoyances associated with owning and maintaining IT hardware.

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