Across industries, IT is the backbone of business today. And beyond simple productivity advantages, using IT to address complex business challenges help companies, large and small, to gain a competitive edge. But this edge does not come without a price. Advanced IT environments can be difficult to maintain, and typically require far more time and energy than most small and medium-sized companies have to spare. So how can a smaller business compete with large players in their industries, who have entire teams dedicated to IT? Outsourcing! While putting something as intimate to your business as IT in the hands of a 3rd party may seem scary at first, Managed IT Services Providers, like Virtuworks, specialize in easing the minds of business owners through comprehensive offerings, predictable pricing models, and rock-solid support.

Need more convincing? Here are the top 4 benefits businesses reap by outsourcing IT operations.

1. Level the Playing Field

For small businesses, resources are often the bottleneck in keeping up with larger industry players. Outsourced IT is one way of reducing that disadvantage. While it may seem unusual to outsource a function as primary as IT, in today’s world as many as 60 percent of businesses have their backend technology managed by another company. By putting your technology services in the hands of  professionals, you leverage the tools and experience of a highly skilled IT team, that would otherwise take years to develop in-house.

2. Better Compliance and Security

No matter what industry you’re in, data security is a major concern. Your IT department needs to make sure your DMZ is properly defined, your firewalls are kept up to date, and PCI security standards are maintained. What’s more, you should feel confident that your IT team is capable of accomplishing these tasks comprehensively, and with as little impact to operations as possible.

Your core business functions likely don’t include IT maintenance, and your team won’t be as efficient and skilled as a vendor solely dedicated to Managed IT. By outsourcing, you not only ensure the wide spectrum of IT tasks are attended to, but you also move the responsibility to a team specifically trained to tackle  the tasks at hand.

3. Reduce Expenses

Depending on the scale of a company’s IT needs, most can save on costs by outsourcing. However, many small businesses don’t realize just how much and all the ways those savings manifest themselves:

  • Reduce labor costs by eliminating tech positions from your company.
  • Eliminate the need to purchase IT components to run servers and storage.
  • Mitigate training costs for adopting new technology.

Outsourced IT prevents your budget from becoming a money funnel and turns it into a dependable service with a predictable price tag.

4. Focus on Core Business

While saving money is an important part of any business decision, one of the most vital benefits of having a Managed Services Provider handle your IT is the opportunity to focus on your core business priorities.

This is especially true for small businesses, where technology duties may be shared with key personnel. Once you outsource your IT every member of your team can dedicate their time to make the best business decisions.

Position your business for success by outsourcing your Information Technology to a Managed IT Services Provider. The rewards will make it well worth your time and money.