Computer networks, whether on-prem, cloud, or hybrid, are a core part of almost every modern business. A well-designed network allows employees to be productive and clients to stay happy. Unfortunately, they’re also complex and that complexity tends to increase over time. A simple setup for a couple of founders can easily spiral into a behemoth as the company grows, spiraling across various geographical regions or countries with extensive virtual infrastructure and a wide variety of services, apps, employees, and devices.

What’s more, networks are in a state of constant change. Changes in where and how employees are working, the businesses’ activities in any given month, security threats, and more all have an additive effect on performance and configuration requirements.

Unsurprisingly, many businesses are unable to commit the resources to keep their network running smoothly, despite the huge impact it can have on their bottom line. Even ignoring the cost of financing industry software and a dedicated IT operations team, tangible skills shortages make it difficult to find engineers with the necessary expertise.

As a result, it’s becoming increasingly sensible for organizations to pay a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to take care of their network for them.

The Benefits of an MSP Partnership

MSPs aren’t just investing in networking personnel and software as an aside – it’s at the core of what they do. An MSP will have some of the best network engineers in the business with hundreds of years of combined experience across a wide range of configurations.

MSPs prioritize networking expertise, making it a cornerstone of their services. With access to top-notch network engineers boasting extensive experience across various configurations, partnering with an MSP brings unparalleled expertise to your business.

Due to their extensive personnel and software investment, MSPs can also offer services that you would be unable to support on your own or would be unable to offer outside of business hours. This typically results in the following benefits:

  • Less downtime: An MSP will likely monitor your firewall, routers, printers, switches, and wireless network 24/7 and be ready to respond as soon as an issue arises with remote or on-site support. You don’t have to wait for employees to get into work in the morning and notice the issue – it’ll already be fixed by the time they arrive.
  • Improved security: DDoS, ARP poisoning, and other cyberattacks are detectable through network traffic in their early stages. A competent MSP has the capabilities to detect and stop these attacks before they cause damage. Just as vitally, they will ensure that the software and firmware of your network-connected devices are up to date and secure.
  • Fewer intermittent issues: Good MSPs excel, not just in preventing extended downtime, but also short-lived downtime and slowdowns. This is because they have the resources to perform proactive maintenance to prevent issues before they develop.
  • Predictable billing: The reality of network management is that costs are never stable. The amount a company spends per month can vary dramatically depending on the tasks performed, whether emergency intervention is required, and various other factors. An MSP weathers this instability for the customer by typically charging a flat, fair monthly rate that makes budgeting simple.
  • The freedom to be creative: If a business is struggling to stay on top of its current network, it’s less likely to trial new additions and its IT staff have less time to help employees use their tools effectively and creatively. Outsourcing your network to a reputable MSP affords the peace of mind that no matter what you do, experts will have your back.

Partnering with VirtuWorks

With 25 years under its belt designing, implementing, and supporting systems of all sizes, it’s fair to say that networking is VirtuWorks’ forté. Providing Managed IT Services with a team of over 25 highly skilled engineers, security experts, and IT consultants, you can trust that your technology investment is in very capable hands..

Reach out today to learn more about how we can keep your network stable, secure, and cost-effective.