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Collaboration platforms abound, from Slack, Zoom, WhatsApp, to Facebook Messenger, but not all are designed for business. That’s where Microsoft Teams truly shines. Teams is so successful at facilitating business communications that it just may be the hidden gem hiding in your office suite.

Recent world developments have forced a mass migration to the remote workforce model. Meanwhile, best practices for maintaining standards of communication have lacked scrutiny. Once your business moves past necessity, it’s time to look deeper into your collaboration platforms and see what your best options are.

The Importance of Day-to-Day Communication

When dealing with a remote workforce, having everyone on the same page is vitally important. The ability to keep projects in line, people on schedule, and meetings productive can make or break your team. A recent Harvard study showed that remote workers need to be kept informed. Feeling alienated or less connected than on-sight staff can lead to managerial issues and a drop in morale. Keeping employees productive and engaged should be a managerial priority, and Teams can help.

In Teams, members can be grouped by project, department, initiative, and so on. This helps to keep everyone focused and working in concert:

  • Common Area: a single location to discuss a project or topic keeps everyone on target.
  • Searchable: all conversations can be viewed and searched, meaning everyone is up-to-date.
  • Real Discussions: no more one-line emails reduces inbox clutter
  • Video Capability: a picture is worth a thousand words, not to mention body language and tone.
  • Documentation: Video and audio can be recorded and made available to the entire team or for employee training in the future.
  • Clarity: Screen sharing can help present ideas and work collaboratively.

The Value of Teams Live Events

Through Teams Live Events you’ll have both private and public event capabilities. Anyone can receive an invitation and be involved in a meeting in real-time, with HD video, and an interactive discussions, from a desktop or mobile device or external encoding source. These meetings can take a variety of forms, and Teams allows you to devote as much or as little effort as needed:

  • A quick video chat within a small team, no matter how remote, can be executed in seconds.
  • Large scale, but private meetings, made for local and remote staff, can be done quickly and efficiently.
  • External presentations, like webinars can be produced and presented in real time.
  • Events can streamed using professional production equipment.

There’s even more value built into Teams. Before and during the event you can use production software, both internal and external, to optimize your presentation, even using third-party media mixers. Team members can be asisigned different roles, allowing them access to different portions of the event setup and execution. As expected with Microsoft, Stream, Azure Media Services, and the Azure Content Delivery Network all integrate seamlessly. These allow you to step up your meeting, reduce or remove buffering, and distribute to your audience, no matter where they are in the world.

After an event, the recording can be accessed by invitees can be shared or embedded to be viewed by anyone. The recording is automatically transcribed and that technology can even differentiate between speakers in the meeting. Even more, after a live event, admins can view real-time usage analytics. There’s also a  live event usage report that shows the status, start time, views and production type of each event that has taken place.

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Microsoft Teams is a gamechanger in the way businesses work remotely. Its wealth of intuitive features set it apart in the world of collaboration applications. To learn more about Teams, sign up for our upcoming Webinar. We’ll be presenting more information, taking questions, and offering best practices. See how Teams can help your business succeed.

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