As the scope of business technology continues to broaden with systems and tools to make enterprise management more efficient and profitable, more sophisticated cyber threats are also popping up to compromise the security of businesses.

Unfortunately, viruses, malware, and severe cyber threats still occur even with some of the most up-to-date protection like firewalls, anti-virus capability, and multi-factor authentication. Part of the problem is that each security measure operates independently, which causes source detection and appropriate remedy identification to be complicated, sometimes nearly impossible.

The solution for is comprehensive, customized oversight by Microsoft Sentinel, managed and monitored by a knowledgeable managed service provider with Extended Detection Response (XDR) like VirtuWorks.

Why Microsoft Sentinel?

Microsoft Sentinel is a proactive, scalable attack detection system that hunts, detects, and reveals system threats that may be occurring. A security information and event management system (SIEM), Microsoft Sentinel collects data across your enterprise to identify threats instantly, make them identifiable, and initiate the appropriate response using smart and fast artificial intelligence.

Once implemented and managed, Sentinel augments your existing security infrastructure by analyzing and applying intelligence to the signal and alert data returned by your various security measures.

With skilled human oversight and coordination, the implementation of XDR Microsoft Sentinel will reduce the stress created by increasingly sophisticated and ongoing cyberattacks, constant alerts, and the time spent trying to resolve security problems.

How Does Microsoft Sentinel Work?

Microsoft has applied decades of industry-leading technology experience to create the most advanced system of protection for its software. To this end, Microsoft Sentinel employs a Four-Step Process characterized as Collect, Detect, Investigate, and Respond:

  • Collect all data throughout the enterprise network, whether in-house or from multiple Cloud sources.
  • By using advanced analytics, the newly installed XDR Microsoft system will detect lingering and current security issues that may be present.
  • Building upon Microsoft’s decades of security expertise and capabilities, Sentinel will continually investigate security threats and potentially suspicious activity.
  • Respond quickly to incidents with its built-in orchestration.

Implementing and Employing Microsoft Sentinel

During the onboarding process, the VirtuWorks XDR Team creates integrated connectors that detect and ingest the existing security assets, which may include both Microsoft and non-Microsoft products.

When all data sources are connected successfully, overseers will create custom workbooks using Azure Monitor Workbooks to gain specific insight into the status and performance of each data source to monitor performance.

Microsoft Sentinel Analytics allows VirtuWorks to review, investigate, and review incidents or potentially actionable threats created by a series of related alerts. Viewing several seemingly low-threat signals across a broad enterprise can uncover a wide-ranging threat to the entire system.

How Virtuworks’ Virtual Office XDR Makes Microsoft’s Sentinel Effective

Microsoft Sentinel offers the state-of-the-art capability to create an overview of cyber threats that may endanger your system. But while the software is highly effective in identifying and gathering real-time information about the presence of dangerous infiltration, knowledgeable and timely human intervention is still vital.

Virtual Office XDR, managed by VirtuWorks, can be your full-service IT support system with essential software like Microsoft 365, cyber protection, accessibility, scalability, and US-based IT pros to manage it on your behalf. Check out VirtuWorks’ comprehensive Virtual Office XDR service and add-ons to gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your information and assets are always protected.