If you’ve spared even a cursory glance at the security landscape over the past few years, you’ll know that the volume of cyberattacks is rising. While this is concerning by itself, more troubling yet is their increasing sophistication and success. The global cost of cybercrime for 2020 was estimated at $1 trillion, a more than 50% increase from two years earlier. Florida alone contributed $295 million to that total, making it the fourth most affected state.

At VirtuWorks, we have always prided ourselves on providing customers with robust, industry-leading cybersecurity to combat this threat, including WatchGuard’s full suite of award-winning security products. For the past 15 years, our customers have had the opportunity to benefit from WatchGuard’s industry-leading products combined with VirtuWorks’ expertise, giving them an advantage in four key areas: network security, Wi-Fi safety, authentication, and endpoint protection.

Network Security

WatchGuard offers the largest variety of network security solutions in the business via its WatchGuard Firebox platform. By combining physical and virtual firewall appliances with AI-based malware protection, sandboxing, built-in SD-WAN, DNS filtering, and visibility tools, it’s able to protect against a wide range of network-based threats.

Further, the WatchGuard Cloud gives admins full visibility over their network security, with the ability to be notified about, report on, and act against threats in a few clicks. Over a hundred dashboards and reports allow you to not just see the details of your network but high-level trends and traffic patterns to help you make informed decisions.

Wi-Fi Security

WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi framework allows enterprises to build a secure Wi-Fi network from the ground up or integrate its solutions into existing infrastructure for enhanced security. It's WIPS security sensors can protect existing third-party access points or act as an access point in their own right.

This is paired with a software-based Wireless Intrusion Prevention System that uses unique, proprietary technology to protect businesses accurately and automatically. Threats from rogue clients, rogue access points, evil twin access points, or peer-to-peer connections can be prevented without manual intervention. Naturally, though, admins still have access to a detailed dashboard of traffic stats, alerts, and reports so they can identify anomalies and troubleshoot them remotely.

Multi-Factor Authentication with WatchGuard

95% of breaches originate from human error. The credentials and mistakes of low-level employees are a primary target. As a result, it’s vital that companies have a strong multi-factor authentication solution in place. WatchGuard’s AuthPoint service is one of the most trusted on the market.

By ensuring that each mobile device has unique DNA and an internal key, it guarantees that an attacker cannot gain access to a protected system even if they clone a user’s device. When AuthPoint detects a suspicious sign-in attempt, an alert is issued in the AuthPoint Management Portal, where admins can view logs and reports or manage tokens.

Endpoint Security

No security solution is complete without endpoint protection. A frightening number of endpoint devices are out there on the internet presenting a prime target for attackers. There are various endpoint security solutions on the market today, but WatchGuard’s approach is notable in its ability to provide strong protection with the lowest possible level of complexity.

Last year, WatchGuard significantly extended its existing endpoint security products. It acquired the fourth largest antivirus vendor, Panda Security. The features of Panda’s extensive security endpoint products have been integrated alongside WatchGuard’s in its Cloud management and visibility platform.

For organizations, this means cloud-based antivirus for every device, all-inclusive EPP and EDR protection, DNS filtering, and a move towards zero-trust application services. By delivering the tools to prevent and halt advanced attacks from the comfort of a single cloud-based platform, WatchGuard Endpoint Security ensures that enterprises’ security is as robust as it is streamlined.

WatchGuard + The VirtuWorks Advantage

As a Tier 1 CSP and Microsoft Gold Partner, VirtuWorks’ promise is to further enhance your WatchGuard experience with our technology, support, and expertise. Our US-based IT professionals will be around 24/7, 365 days a year to help you manage your solutions and their detected threats. Remote or onsite support will be there to aid in maintenance, monitor assets or patches, and audit security events.

All of this takes place in a fully audited environment with built-in penetration testing, multi-homed backups, and an extensive layered system of fault tolerance. With over 25 years behind us and some of the best talent in the industry, you can be sure that VirtuWorks will keep the ROI of your WatchGuard deployment high and its maintenance hassle-free. Contact us today to find out how we can help.