Whether it’s a law office, medical office, or really any professional office, having a conference room to hold in-person or virtual meetings is a valuable asset. Having one with intuitive software, easy-to-use hardware, and efficient systems can make your meetings run effectively. Being able to use similar devices and tech throughout your offices provides additional value. These are just a few of the reasons why VirtuWorks is providing and installing Crestron products, melding their high-quality, conference-room-altering products with our drive to give your business the technical edge it needs to be successful.

Crestron and VirtuWorks Create a Highly Effective Conference Room

Crestron has a variety of products to take your conference room to the next level. VirtuWorks can provide installation, expert setup, and Crestron hardware to ensure compatibility with your current systems, all while ensuring the high level of customer service you’ve come to expect for your partner at VirtuWorks.

AirMedia 2

AirMedia 2: A robust, intelligent room experience is possible with AirMedia 2. With everything from occupancy sensors, support for all OS, and a simple sharing process between input sources, it does a little bit of everything. By following simple, onscreen instructions you can easily control all your displays.

Microsoft Teams Panels

UC-C100-T and Microsoft Teams Panels: Conferences today often connect with people outside the office, whether they be remote staff around the corner or guests overseas. Having the capability to include those individuals requires the technology to make them feel like they’re involved. Teams Panels and the Crestron Flex integrator kit allow you to customize your video conference solutions.

Crestron Flex MM

Crestron Flex MM: While video may be the buzz in today’s post-pandemic world, there is still a need for a quality audio connection. The Crestron Flex MM sits in the center of your conference table with a 10-foot, 360° microphone range that will pick up every word with crystal clarity. This high-quality audio device can be still paired with video by adding a camera, all in a remarkably small package

Crestron and VirtuWorks Take Video Conferencing to the Next Level

Crestron Flex Phones and Video Conferencing Tech:  Crestron’s series of hardwired, secure-network VoIP phones with Microsoft Team software built-in are business essentials. You’ll get a consistent, professional experience, no matter where you are. Remote and hybrid staff use the same phone everywhere. All Crestron Flex devices provide high-fidelity audio and high-resolution video, you should expect nothing less.

Crestron and VirtuWorks

Outside the Conference: Digital Media NVX Series

While your conference room and teleconferencing skills can be expertly handled with Crestron products, there’s even more their products are capable of, especially when paired with the knowledge and expertise of VirtuWorks’ staff. Whether you need digital signage, videos shown in waiting areas, or a video wall at a security operation center, you need quality image and security. The Digital Media NVX Series allows you to take your video feed to the next level. With the potential for flawless content delivered instantaneously, the DM NVX can deliver real-time images at a quality that is nearly indistinguishable from the source itself. It routes, distributes, and manages all your video, audio, USB, and device control signals with no latency.

How Can VirtuWorks and Crestron Help Your Business?

Whether your business needs telepresence, video conferencing capabilities, or full conference room setups, VirtuWorks has the Crestron products you need. As a Tier 1 CSP and Microsoft Gold Partner, Virtuworks provides the expertise needed to complete and maintain your Crestron investment. With 25+ years in the business and a litany of value-added services, VirtuWorks maintains its goal of helping its clients succeed through cutting-edge, client-specific tech services. Contact us today to find out how we can your business.