This week, on Talking Tech we discuss phishing attempts. These are social engineering tactics used to exploit or gather information an individual doesn’t already have. They can be perpetrated through email, text message, or even as ‘vishing’ through phone calls. These dangerous attacks can leave your company vulnerable to information leaks, financial loss, or worse. They can even use your information to cast a wider network of phishing attempts through your email contact lists, meaning your vendors, clients, suppliers, and more could be vulnerable because of your attack.

We discuss some ways to avoid these attacks, like:

  • DMARC and SPF
  • Password diversification and multi-factor identification challenges
  • Disabling forwarding
  • Caution over comfort
  • Enacting strict policies when money transfers are involved

Watch the video to get an in-depth review of each point and learn how to protect your business. VirtuWorks offers many more ways to protect you, contact us today to explore your security options.