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Colonial Pipeline Hack

The group, known as DarkSide, managed to infect a “control-room PC” at Colonial Pipeline, the company behind the largest pipeline system for refined oil products in the U.S. Colonial Pipeline paid the fee of 115 BTC/$4.4 Million, and services were restored.

Microsoft Update 21H1

This update featured Windows Hello multicamera support, Windows Defender Application Guard performance, and Updated performance improvements to support remote work scenarios. The update also includes code to remove Adobe Flash from all PCs running Windows 8.1 or 10, with exceptions.

Dell Security Flaws Resolved

Sentinel Labs posted a bulletin that since 2009, certain Dell updates contain "five high-severity flaws" that could affect hundreds of millions of PCs. The PC maker has now addressed the issue with a security patch, according to a Dell security advisory update.

Wifi Security Issue

Mathy Vanhoef, already well-known for his previous discovery of faults in WiFi security, has discovered yet another vulnerability. The newly unearthed flaws, known as "frag attacks*," have to do with how connections are initiated within the WiFi standard. as such, they have the potential to affect millions of Wi-Fi-enabled devices, dating back as far as 1997. Microsoft has addressed three of the 12 bugs that impact Windows systems in patches released on March 9th.

Chrome Password Manager Update

Chrome password manager that allows you to change a compromised password with a few button taps. Similar features can be found in other password managers. Google also announced that the password manager would support importing data from other managers, as well as automatically checking for compromised passwords during its I/O keynote.

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