The MSP Control Agent Software is a set it and forget application. After an install process that generally takes no more than 5 minutes, there is typically no further user action required. The program serves to:

  • Facilitate provisioning of resources – drive mapping and remote applications
  • Monitor configurations -email signatures and profile preferences
  • Monitoring of system health – OS and hardware errors
  • Track performance metrics – storage availability and RAM usage
  • Enable deployment of software packages – anti-virus and anti-malware applications

Before you begin, be sure you have your email address and current password. Here is an overview of the basic steps to install the MSP Software:

  • Visit:
  • Select: MSP Control Device Agent, run installer, and, after reading, agree to licensing
  • Input your email address and password
  • Allow machine to install software
  • New icons will appear over the next few minutes
  • If remote applications are utilized, a Virtuworks folder will contain remote resource links
  • Expand system tray, bottom right, to view new icons
  • Select the Web Route Antivirus Agent and refresh configuration
  • Installation should be complete

Watch the full video for a further explanation of the process and troubleshooting topics.