Today on Quick Tech you’ll learn about what Azure Metered Services is and how it can save your business money.

With metered services, you’ll only pay for the hours of usage you accrue over a time period. Why pay for an entire month when you’re only using the product for a limited amount of time?

This can prove especially useful for small businesses that seasonally ramp up employees or workload. Businesses that have large holiday campaigns or tax season increases could especially benefit. But It can also help smaller businesses with peak times within the month or even the day. Instead of building an infrastructure to meet the peak needs of your business, you can simply increase services automatically as needed.

While the idea of metered services may be daunting, Azure and VirtuWorks make it far less risky than you may think. There is a max price on each service and there are limits set. Even Microsoft has safeguards to cap your costs. The VirtuWorks dashboard allows you to monitor the usage and see any significant increases easily, even providing automatic alerts.

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