There are many dubious statistics on the impact of large-scale data loss on a business. Many do not have a solid basis in research, and for some, there appears to be no source at all. Thankfully, though, you don’t need to be an expert to figure out that catastrophic data loss can have a catastrophic impact on your business. If businesses are hit with ransomware or a natural disaster, they risk losing years’ worth of key data. It can take months to get back to a fully functioning state, not to mention the reputational damage.

Despite this existential threat, many businesses fail to follow best practices when it comes to backups. In particular, a frightening number of small to medium-sized businesses aren’t backing up to multiple locations – instead storing their backups exclusively on-site.

Most already know that this isn’t an ideal scenario. It doesn’t take long to realize that sticking to onsite backups leaves you with a single point of failure. IT departments are all too aware that wormable ransomware, hurricane, or fire could wipe out years of hard work in an instant.

So why don’t more businesses close this key gap in their resilience? The answer is usually budgetary and infrastructural constraints. Creating and managing a second infrastructure for backups requires more personnel, more hardware, and more complexity. Doing so in a secure and efficient manner can feel like an impossible task for all but the largest organizations.

Partnering with an MSP

Fortunately, while it’s tempting to do it all yourself, it’s by no means a requirement. VirtuWorks’ partnership with Veeam allows customers to tap into its Cloud Connect solution for fully integrated, fast, and secure offsite repositories.

Cloud Connect secures data with strong, end-to-end encryption without reducing WAN acceleration and data compression performance. These backups have all the modern features you’d expect, from incremental backups to grandfather-father-son retention policies, and more.

Your data, meanwhile, sits safely in VirtuWorks’ infrastructure at the NAP of the Americas. The 750,000 sq ft, Tier-IV facility is protected from disaster with 7-inch-thick steel-reinforced concrete panels, 19 million pounds of concrete roof ballast, and a sophisticated fire suppression system. Despite this, customers maintain full visibility and control over their backups, with the ability to access and recover data at will via the backup console and easily track usage and renewal status.

Image displaying the NAP of Miami with specifications including 750,000 square feet of space, Tier-IV infrastructure with N+2 power and cooling, equipment floors 32 feet above sea level, roof slope design for floodwater drainage, and Category 5 hurricane resistance with 19 million pounds of concrete roof ballast.
NAP of the Americas

By utilizing VirtuWorks’ extensive infrastructure and Veeam’s industry-leading solution, customers gain the peace of mind an offsite backup provides without the significant financial and infrastructural investments. Further, choosing VirtuWorks as your MSP grants you a direct line to our team of highly skilled engineers and security experts, who are there to make sure your backup and restoration experience remains seamless and secure.

To find out more about how VirtuWorks and Veeam can help you save your business from disaster, get in touch today.