Image displaying the NAP of MIami specifications of the facility, including 750,000 square feet of space, Tier-IV infrastructure with N+2 power and cooling, equipment floors 32 feet above sea level, roof slope design for floodwater drainage, and Category 5 hurricane resistance with 19 million pounds of concrete roof ballast.

NAP of the Americas: Miami NAP


  • Space: 750,000 square feet
  • Tier-IV Facility with N+2 Power and Cooling Infrastructure: Yes
  • Equipment Floors 32 Feet Above Sea Level: Yes
  • Roof Slope Design: Drains floodwater in excess of 100-year storm intensity assisted by 18 rooftop drains
  • Hurricane Endurance: Category 5 hurricane resistance with approximately 19 million pounds of concrete roof ballast
  • Exterior Panels: 7-inch thick, steel-reinforced concrete
  • Located Outside FEMA 500-Year Designated Flood Zone: Yes
  • Chilled-Water Heat Exchange Systems: Five redundant systems with 2,000 tons of chilled water
  • Humidity Maintenance: 45% to 55%
  • Air Systems Refresh: Filtered vents at four sides of the building
  • Electronic Detection Systems for Monitoring and Maintaining All Environments: Yes
  • Smoke and Heat Sensors: Increments of DC 20 AMP–48 Volts DC circuit A&B feed for colocation space, communication equipment rooms, and mechanical and electrical rooms
  • Fire Suppression System: TotalPac pre-action dry-pipe system holds water outside of the building until a fire is verified, helping to prevent accidental draining of water into equipment areas
  • Temperature Maintenance: 72°F ± 5°F