Though application and server management are something most employees will never think about, they play a key role in a business’s ability to innovate. Though it’s easy to focus on flashy solutions, ensuring your organization’s core needs are met well will have a far greater impact.

While it’s true that people and ideas are key to innovation, so is bringing the product to market quickly. To move swiftly, though, your workers must have the applications they need available on-demand with good performance. Your business must also have a stable server infrastructure that can weather any storm and quickly scale to meet demand.

All of these things are basic in theory, but hard to execute in practice. Successfully reducing downtime and slowdowns requires personnel to keep on top of everything from patches and updates to physical hardware to configuration changes, malware threats, virtual machines, licensing, and more. To make things more complex, this often has to happen across a range of different cloud environments, across multiple data centers and locations.

When factoring in investment in hosting, monitoring software, wages, and recruitment, IT costs start to spiral.

Typically, then, it’s more effective to outsource your server and application management to a managed service provider who already has the staff, expertise, and software to ensure your business runs as smoothly as it can.

VirtuWorks Can Help with Server and Application Management

When you partner with VirtuWorks for your IT services, our team of highly skilled engineers, consultants, and security experts will ensure that your servers remain live and your applications perform well.

As well as performing remote software installation, configuration, and compliance checks, VirtuWorks will ensure that your server and application management systems are updated and patched on time. Our engineers will also take care of remote server management, including:

  • Monthly release, review, and testing of new and approved Microsoft security patches
  • Monthly disk defragmentation, checks, and cleanups
  • Disk capacity management
  • Configuration changes
  • Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange management

Our engineers will also keep on top of your day-to-day, managing everything from corporate media sites to virtual infrastructure, hardware utilization, customer/licensed software, Microsoft servers, Linux servers, virtual environments, and public, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

Image showing VirtuWorks engineers managing server and application performance, highlighting remote software installation, security patch updates, disk management, and configuration changes.

Keeping services running smoothly also requires good security. It’s important to be both proactive and reactive, deploying and managing effective anti-malware and anti-virus solutions while being there to correct threats and viruses should they slip through. This is exactly what VirtuWorks offers through its team of experienced security experts.

In fact, should any issue arise with your servers and applications, malware, technical, or otherwise, VirtuWorks support will be there 24/7 to help, both remotely and on-site when needed.

By relying on a trusted partner to take care of all of these aspects, you give your employees the best chance of remaining productive, creative, and stress-free. Importantly, you do so without over-inflating your budget or being forced to navigate the ever-present IT skills shortage.

To find out more about how VirtuWorks can help you with your server and application management, get in touch here.