Windows 10 is an essential tool for most organizations, but the per-device, perpetual licensing of Windows 10 Pro is at odds with how many companies do business. As a result, Microsoft launched Windows 10 Enterprise E3 and E5, an effort to move to a per-user, subscription model that better suits the modern world.

Building on the features of Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise offers additional tools and features in three key areas: management, updates, and security. Its features are generally focused on helping IT professionals effectively perform their job.


Enterprise E3 and E5 build on Pro’s management features by reaching into aspects such as Cortana, the Microsoft Store, and diagnostics. They also include Dynamic Management, which lets admins manage devices differently depending on their location, network, or time. Based on these factors, they can automatically disable cellular service, turn off Cortana, disable Wi-Fi, and more, with minimal effort.

Virtualization offers additional value. Azure virtual desktop lets users access their desktop from anywhere. User Experience Virtualization (UE-V) further aids them by saving app and OS settings and syncing them to new devices. Windows To Go, meanwhile, makes providing Windows 10 Enterprise as easy as plugging in an external USB drive.


Update management is a pain for any admin, but Windows 10 Enterprise lends a helping hand. Microsoft guarantees support for each major September update for a period of 30 months. This gives larger enterprises plenty of time to prepare. For devices that need even more stability, the Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) delivers feature updates every 2–3 years without compromising important quality and security updates.

This is enhanced by Microsoft’s Desktop Analytics, which helps admins make informed decisions about their updates. By tapping into a wealth of inventory, compatibility, and diagnostics data, they can gain insights in a clear and actionable way. Once an upgrade has begun, a centralized interface gives quick oversight and control over the entire deployment and upgrade process.

Last, but not least, Windows 10 Enterprise subscribers gain access to two Microsoft initiatives: Fast Track and App Assure. Together, they offer upgrade guidance app compatibility aid at no extra cost.


While the above additions can have a huge impact, one of the largest selling points of Windows 10 Enterprise is the security features offered. The level of security enhancements you’ll receive, however, is determined by your plan choice. Both tiers offer resilient file system functionality, hardware-based token isolation, and more. But it’s E5 that delivers the industry-recognized Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.

E5 customers are protected by machine learning algorithms. These detect and stop zero-day and emerging threats. Defender’s cloud-delivered protection uses behavior monitoring and other heuristics to identify and mitigate risks in real-time. It delivers a constant stream of updates, and block potentially unsafe apps.

Additional steps are taken to reduce the attack surface of an organization. Also, providing the monitoring and reporting tools to further analyze and mitigate threats. First, Defender ensures configuration settings and mitigation techniques are properly implemented. If it suspects an attack has taken place, it will then provide admins with automated investigation data to reduce their response time.

All these features help organizations using either version of Windows 10 Enterprise to survive the rise in sophisticated, targeted attacks.

Get the Most Out of Windows 10 Enterprise with VirtuWorks

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