Microsoft Azure Services are incredibly powerful tools for IT professionals and developers. By tapping into Microsoft’s global network of data centers, they can create, deploy, and manage applications in a hybrid cloud environment that are highly available while being cost and resource-efficient.

The can of that statement can’t be emphasized enough, however. What’s often not discussed is how much your Azure experience can vary depending on who you choose as your Azure Services Provider. Choose a partner with a poor support team, pre-packaged offers, or mediocre monitoring infrastructure, and you may find yourself paying far more than you expected with fewer benefits than you imagined.

While some providers market packaged offers, that are essentially a one-size-fits-all mentality, as a selling point, at VirtuWorks we believe it’s far from that. While a packaged offer can make budgeting simpler, it also means that there’s a distinct possibility you’ll end up overpaying for your service.

Further, it typically means that your provider either hasn’t invested in, or hasn’t made available the tools needed to monitor your data consumption on a granular level. This ultimately means that you lose visibility and control. You’re unable to see how much money you’re wasting and whether you’d be better off with a different provider.

With Azure Services and More, VirtuWorks Does Things Differently

In its mission to provide customers with unbeatable value, VirtuWorks has invested heavily in the creation of bespoke tools that let us determine your granular data consumption. As a result, when you partner with VirtuWorks there are no bundles, no packages – we bill you for data you use, and nothing more.

In the interest of accountability, planning, and monitoring, this information is passed on to the client. Our MSPControl portal lets you see how much data you have spent on each Azure service in any given month, including the Azure app service, cognitive services, recovery and backup services, and more. We even show you this on a per-day level so that you can make data-driven decisions surrounding your usage.

Image depicting a user analyzing reports on a laptop using VirtuWorks' MSPControl portal,  which provides detailed Azure service data consumption, highlighting granular tracking, accountability, and data-driven decision-making.

Of course, the fear most people have with usage-based billing is that they’ll inadvertently blow past their budget. As a result, we allow admins to set hard and soft usage caps, as well as budget alerts. These are further informed by a spending forecast so you can adjust habits well in advance.

All of this is backed up by the VirtuWorks team of over 25 expert engineers, consultants, and security experts, who help you get what you want out of your services while being there to aid with any potential disruptions.

So, whether you’re looking to provision virtual machines, host a DNS domain, create apps, or manage your IoT, reach out to VirtuWorks today. We’ll help you do it in an efficient, fair, and cost-effective way.