In today’s business environment, security is about more than just protecting files, people, and devices. As companies transition back into the office, we begin to question the safety of our staff, our building, and the very air we breathe. We want to create safer workspaces for our employees.

Employees who are worried about getting sick or who call out because they are uncomfortable going into a planned meeting may cause disruptions. When work doesn’t flow smoothly, and the whole team isn’t focused and working together, the job doesn’t get done efficiently.

As we’ve always done in the past, we looked for a way to solve this issue for our clients. We wanted to provide the kind of confidence employers need to provide their employees in today’s world. That is how we found the Awair Omni system.

Awair Omni

The Awair Omni system can integrate into most current office environments. It monitors a variety of critical health and safety components in an office space. These enterprise-based monitoring systems include:

  • Real-time temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO2 levels
  • VOCs in the air
  • Particulate matter ratios
  • Ambient light
  • Ambient noise

The Importance of These Readings

There are three significant benefits to real-time temperature monitoring.

  • A comfortable temperature keeps your employees happy.
  • Using the readings can increase energy efficiency.
  • The information provided can be used to decrease the chances of illness transmission.

Striking the delicate balance between comfort, wellness targets, and efficiency is simple with the Amwair Omni dashboard.

Next, and closely related to temperature monitoring is humidity monitoring. Too much humidity can allow mold growth; too little can irritate respiratory systems causing coughs and allow particulates from those coughs to stay in the air for longer periods. Keeping humidity properly regulated, at 40% – 60%, discourages virus droplets from floating in the air.

CO2 overexposure can lead to impaired focus, foggy decision making, and a drop in productivity. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are toxic chemicals emitted by everyday materials that can cause skin irritation and respiratory distress. With Awair, knowing how much outside air the HVAC system is adding to the mix can be easily detected. Adjustments may create an environment that allows your employees to work at their peak.

Monitoring particulate matter, like viruses, bacteria, and allergens can alert you to an issue before it can manifest as asthma, allergies, or worse. When every cough is viewed with suspicion, keeping allergies in check will help employees who suffer from them and ease the minds of those around them.

Ambient light and noise levels are good measures to maintain productivity. An office that is too bright or too dark can cause headaches and eye fatigue. A loud office can be counterproductive, as copiers and coffee machines can lead to headaches and avoidance.

VirtuWorks and Awair Omni Together

Having VirtuWorks professionally install the Awair Omni system allows you the peace of mind to get back to business. The Awair unit is a simple box on the wall, and with Virtuworks expert installation, we’ll make sure it’s placed in an optimal location and has no visible plugs or cords. Additionally, all the data collected can be sent to your VirtuWorks protected smartphone. The simple to read dashboard provides you with real-time data from enterprise-level sensors and provides actionable insights. We’ll even train you on the software so you can make the most of the system. Contact us today to learn more.