While the Microsoft Surface has made waves in the less business-oriented 2-in-1 field since 2012, it’s important to recognize the business advantages that it may provide you. While its sleek design and variety of colors and sizes make it a stylish option, the functionality of the Surface means business. So how can the Surface help your business succeed? Read about the top benefits of adopting the Surface for your business.

Microsoft Surface X

What Makes the Surface Different?

The Microsoft Surface has been developed specifically for Microsoft programs, making it better from the ground up. Microsoft’s OS systems operate seamlessly and you’ll never find a conflict with Microsoft platform programs.

Security is a central focus of the Surface, with cloud-powered security built into it. The Surface 4 even boasts a secured core. Because the Surface comes pre-loaded with a wide variety of Microsoft-approved applications, there is little need to download external programs, eliminating vulnerabilities before they’re even installed.

Those programs that come pre-loaded also run more efficiently because their platform was made for them. Teams and Planner, both high-use business applications, intuitively run better on the Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft Surface Laptops

Advantages of Mass Integrations

Choosing to outfit your entire staff with the Surface leads to a familiarity with the device across the board. This enables portability between users. There’s no more confusion about how to use someone else’s device for a presentation, or how to access files on an associate’s system.

It also eases your internal IT workload. Support becomes more standardized and easier to deploy. There’s no debating about device capabilities or which fixes will work on what device. Updates and refreshes are also simplified because they all deal with the same platform and software.

Warranty and Manufacturer Support

As stated earlier, the Surface is built for the Microsoft platform, meaning troubleshooting and support become much simpler. There is no conflict between the two, so there’s no blaming each other for a problem. Add that to a standard, one-year advanced replacement, and the variety of Surface warranty protection plans offered by Microsoft and your company will have devices that will stand up to the daily life of your business.


When it comes to design, the Microsoft Surface has been breaking barriers for nearly a decade. The once innovative, often duplicated kickstand has become the goal of many poor imitators. The kickstand, plus the versatile touchscreen and superior battery life, make it great for fieldwork. The sleek design and variety of colors help too.

Surface’s product line boasts a wide array of options, meaning finding the right unit for everyone within your organization can be done with ease. The Surface 4 Laptop has a lightweight design, and increased battery life and multitasking abilities. Also, there’s the Surface Pro 7+, the 2-in-1 that goes anywhere you need. With the famed magnetic, detachable keyboard, stylus, and that innovative kickstand, it’s perfect for a job site, customer presentation, or on the road. Finally, the Surface Pro X for business is an ultra-thin, high-speed device that offers up to 15 hours of batt

The VirtuWorks Advantage

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, VirtuWorks is uniquely positioned to help your business transition to the Microsoft Surface product. We even have access to the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S in both the 55” and 85” sizes. The Hub 2S allows for better real-time collaboration with hybrid teams operating anywhere and is not widely available.

Microsoft Surface Hubs

Our award-winning, US-based customer service, knowledgeable staff, dependable cloud storage, and strong baseline security protocols allow you peace of mind in knowing that your Surfaces, along with all your business IT needs, are covered. That’s the VirtuWorks Advantage. Contact us today to find out how VirtuWorks can help your business succeed.