The cloud has dramatically changed the way businesses go about embracing the ever-evolving digital transformation. In fact, the cloud tech services market is projected to grow about 17% ($206 billion) this year. That’s up from $176 billion in 2018. And it’s estimated that by the year 2022, 90% of businesses will be using cloud services.

Top Benefits of Cloud Computing

From reduced costs to enhanced flexibility and greater integration and scalability, the benefits of cloud computing are providing organizations with exciting new opportunities to compete on a global scale, while redefining the way they do business.

Microsoft Azure is a practical cloud computing business solution that offers incredible benefits that include analytics, mobile apps, networking, databases, and storage.


A recent Kapersky Lab survey revealed that chief information security officers consider cloud computing and uncontrolled cloud expansion by line of business applications to be at the top of the list when it comes to security and privacy worries.

To mitigate these concerns, Microsoft’s Azure Security Center users have access to 24/7 security management and can use this feature to monitor security across both cloud and on-premise networks. Security threats can be immediately addressed with either built-in Azure security assessments or a company’s proprietary solutions.

Disaster Recovery

Consistently listed as a company’s top priority, cybersecurity and risk management solutions, such as rolling reboots, failover options, and hot/cold standby modes, are standard out-of-the-box features with Microsoft’s cloud services. And Azure’s Site Recovery and Backup together help build a reliable Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) without the need for a third party solution.

Global Availability

Today, most businesses need their data to have a global reach. Centralized data centers are not always the best solution and can even hinder global expansion. Azure is what’s known as “Geographically Agnostic”, meaning its adaptability and features are not dependent on location.


One of the top benefits of cloud computing for the finance and legal sectors, Compliance Manager is an extremely useful feature for businesses in-synch with today’s security and privacy demands.

Apps Management

Azure cloud offers SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS platforms that provide multiple integrated cloud services. Azure App Service is a fully managed PaaS that provides all the features you need to create reliable and scalable Web apps, Logic apps, Mobile apps, and API apps in a single instance.

Hybrid Capability

Flexibility in building applications using the technology of your choice is one of Azure’s key components. The platform supports technologies many IT professionals already rely on, and Web apps can be quickly deployed and changed with no correlating downtime.

Azure’s “hybrid cloud” lets you use a combination of cloud and on-premise data centers to create an integrated IT environment that spans both. And Azure Active Directory seamlessly connects users with the apps they need to access, whether they be in the cloud, via mobile, or on-site.

Data Performance and Accessibility

Azure’s multiple data centers and delivery points make for faster content delivery and optimal user experience. And all data can be easily shared across virtual machines.

Solid Analytics Support

Analytics is an area where Microsoft continuously adds new features and benefits to its cloud computing platform. Built-in support analyzes data to bring you valuable insights that allow you to make quick, real-time decisions that can translate into tremendous cost savings.


Fast delivery in deployment and operation gives your business a competitive advantage and helps you bring scale, agility, and global access to your business apps. That means employees stay productive anywhere, on a variety of devices.


Automated updates and other tasks eliminate time spent on monitoring and maintaining your cloud environment, lower overhead costs, and allow you to focus on value-added business goals.

Closing Thoughts

As the fastest growing cloud infrastructure platform, Microsoft Azure continues to adopt and adapt its platform to ensure it stays relevant to as many businesses and people as possible. Whatever your cloud-based computing needs may be, we believe it’s in a class unto itself when it comes to practical, flexible, and reliable business solutions.