With 2021 closed, it’s clear that it has been a tough year for cyber security. After an already difficult 2020, the year exhibited significantly more data breaches, with phishing and ransomware attacks the primary attack vector. On top of this, the average cost of a breach was its highest in 17 years, at $4.24 million.

It has become especially clear that few small to medium-sized businesses are prepared to defend themselves, despite almost half of cyberattacks being aimed at them. Given the cost of sophisticated cyber security tools and experts, it’s hard to blame them. It’s clear, however, that 2022 is unlikely to be any better. With attack tools becoming more accessible and damaging, it’s time for businesses to fully commit to their security across multiple fronts.

Cyber Security Training and Preparedness

Good cyber security starts not with solutions but with your personnel. The vast majority of breaches have an aspect of human error somewhere along the line. By eliminating these weak links, you greatly reduce the chance that an attacker will be able to gain a foothold inside of your organization.

The only way to get there is regular, targeted training. Your employees need to know how to spot a phishing email, correctly handle data, and keep their devices secure. At Virtuworks, we can create and manage ongoing training campaigns that keep your staff up-to-date on the latest cyberattack techniques.

Staff must also know how to react to a range of different threats. To do this your business needs to define plans and policies for many different scenarios. Being able to clearly convey which data employees should share and under which circumstances, or how to react to a ransomware attack, can be a major boon to prevention and mitigation.

Software and Expertise

Of course, training can only get you so far – even with educated users, somebody will eventually slip up. The question then becomes whether your software and cybersecurity experts have the proficiency to detect and mitigate the threat before it does serious damage.

VirtuWorks’ cyber security offering allows organizations to take advantage of sophisticated AI-based tools and expert security personnel without the significant investment typically associated with it. At a fraction of the individual costs, you can access top-level skills and resources to protect against ransomware, malware, phishing attacks, and more.

To meet the growing threat, VirtuWorks provides its clients with Webroot Endpoint security, an anti-virus solution that utilizes artificial intelligence to stop not just known threats, but never-before-seen malware. This is enhanced by Malwarebytes Pro, which enables online protection against known and emerging threats, as well as malicious link blocking, RDP brute force protection, and more.

Critically, these tools are paired with around-the-clock surveillance of digital and physical premises by experts in their fields. Routine penetration tests help to find and remedy holes in your organization’s security, while supervision of patch, password policy, and firewall management enables confidence in your current defenses. With full auditing of security event logs, the security burden is further shifted, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best.

Should an incident occur despite all odds, VirtuWorks experts are available 24/7/365 to respond to and manage the incident, including on-site support if necessary.

Empowering Your Business in 2022

By combining thoughtful training and planning with VirtuWorks winning package of software and cyber security expertise, you can make sure that your security posture in 2022 will push your business forward rather than hampering it. By putting your security in VirtuWorks’ experienced hands, you reduce the chance of brand damage while leaving your employees more space to flourish.

To learn more about what VirtuWorks can do for your security in the coming year, get in touch here.