When it comes to computer security, there's a lot we know. Thanks to security professionals, an average of 50 vulnerabilities are reported each day and over 360,000 new malware samples are produced.

As with many things in life, though, what we don't know is scarier than what we do. So far in 2021, a record 66 zero-day threats and attacks have been discovered, up from 37 last year. This is both a good and bad thing. On the one hand, it signals that researchers are getting better at finding and identifying these underground threats. On the other, experts believe that the increase in easily-accessible hacking tools and government-sponsored hacking is leading to a growing zero-day industry.

To be truly secure, then, organizations need a solution that doesn't just block whatever malware is already in its database. They must find one that can also stop malicious behavior in its tracks regardless of whether it's based on a known vulnerability.

How Virtuworks Tackles Zero-Day Threats

For VirtuWorks and its customers, that solution is Webroot. Via VirtuWorks, Webroot provides a complete cybersecurity solution for businesses that utilize the power of artificial intelligence and the cloud to stop zero-day threats as they happen.

Webroot's Business Endpoint Protection provides an automated and intuitive cybersecurity experience that doesn't require updates or patches to remain effective. After an average three-second install time, Webroot Endpoint Security provides multi-layered protection against malware, malicious scripts, phishing, keylogging, and more.

Critically, it was designed specifically to mitigate malware that has never been seen. Before each unknown file is run, Webroot opens it in a protected environment, analyzing the files it wants to modify, the changes it will make to the OS, and its network activities. These behaviors are compared to existing malware and the file is blocked if Webroot detects suspicious behavior. If suspicious behavior is not detected, Webroot allows it to run – but with one important caveat. Everything it does is meticulously recorded so that the computer can be rolled back to its previous state if it discovers malicious activity at a later date.

By analyzing the behavior of individual users, Webroot can tailor the activity it considers malicious based on the way they typically interact with their device. This allows it to catch attacks that could previously go unnoticed while reducing the instances of false positives.

Make It Easier with VirtuWorks

Despite the advanced features mentioned above, Webroot manages to keep its security management simple, with a no-fuss cloud console that can be accessed from anywhere. However, that doesn't change the fact that any good security solution requires man-hours to maintain. Though much of the solution's functionality is automatic, defining whitelists, managing its 40+ third-party integrations, reviewing threats, and getting the most out of its RESTful API all require manual intervention.

It's because of this that VirtuWorks has teamed up with Webroot to offer its solutions as a managed service. This robust security solution is not an extra or an add-on, it is included in our Virtual Office package. Our security experts are there to help with everything from setup to security audits, penetration, and more. Need extra help? Our support team is available 24/7/365 to respond to technical issues and respond to any queries you might have. To learn more, talk to VirtuWorks today.