Here at VirtuWorks, we take Cyber Security and the security of our client’s networks very seriously.  As a client, your network will be scrutinized to the most minute detail.  If we find something that we feel should not be a part of your network, we will make sure to contact you and advise of our next steps.  Taking advantage of our no-cost analysis for your business is your first step against being “insecure”. VirtuWorks will implement a plan and will provide you with the answers you are looking for.  By performing a full penetration test and penetration-remediation we will point out any items that we deem to be a negative aspect in your network.  Implementation of  Anti-Virus and Malware Protection, as well as, our continued monitoring and auditing for your business gives you consistent coverage over the network.

Other ways for us to provide secure measures across your network include SSO implementation over your Wireless Access Points and more.  This method works extremely well in locations where you have multiple users logging into a Wireless Access Point.  We can then provide management and log maintenance of these access points and deliver them to you in digital format.