Cloud Services for Education

Whether you have a hundred students or thousands, VirtuWorks offers secure and scalable solutions for your school. Affordable, feature-rich offerings can keep your technology current and aid with anything from attendance to student collaboration and assignment management.

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    Enroll New Students and Teachers

    With hundreds of students coming in and out of schools each year, keeping up-to-date files on them can be a struggle. VirtuWorks’ cloud-based, user management system lets you set up easy-to-use profiles for students or teachers and reduce the time needed to get them up and running.

    Take The Burden Off IT Support

    With many schools pressed for funding, managing IT assets is the last place you want your costs and attention to be. VirtuWorks’ 24/7 IT services can help lift that burden from your on-site IT technicians so they can focus on what’s important.

    Off-Premises Learning

    Student and teachers’ responsibilities don’t stop the second they walk out the door. To ensure the best chance of success, students study and teachers plan. VirtuWorks can help by providing them with instant, secure access to the files and applications they’re accustomed to using. For students, that means Canvas, Office 365, and the Adobe Creative Suite from any device, regardless of specification.

    Virtual Classrooms

    Cloud-based software is making it easier for educators to move to a more flexible way of learning. Virtual classroom environments can remove geographical and accessibility boundaries while reducing infrastructural and staff costs. VirtuWorks’ services can let students learn where they’re most comfortable while reducing their parents’ transport costs.

    Eliminate ‘Lost’ Homework

    Whether it’s an assignment or lesson plan, losing documents can slow down the learning process. VirtuWorks’ cloud solutions give visibility over every file that’s uploaded with regular and redundant backups. Your students won’t lament their accidentally-deleted coursework, nor will they conveniently miss a presentation due to data corruption.

    Guarantee Regulatory Compliance

    Every educator is aware of the importance of keeping students’ information safe. Our cloud services include layered security protocols to protect sensitive data, and also comply with federal data protection standards.

    Improve Your School’s Productivity

    VirtuWorks’ services aren’t just about convenience – they’re about productivity. Whether your students are collaborating through Microsoft Teams or your teachers are managing the learning platform, there’s an opportunity for each application to lead to smarter, faster, and more productive work.

    Though schools in the United States are estimated to spend billions of dollars per year on technology for their students, keeping up with the latest innovations gives their students the best chance in the working world.

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