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This screen allows you to manage your voice mail messages.

To listen to a voice mail message click PLAY, and the message be downloaded and played (provided that you have an appropriate player software).

To delete a voice mail message, select it using the check box on the left and click on Delete Selected.

Voice mail messages can be organized into folders. To create a new folder you can enter its name and click Create button. To move or copy voice mail message(s) to a folder, select it using the check box
on the left, select the target folder from the drop down list and click on either Move to folder or Copy to folder button.

You can also send your messages to other people via email. To send message(s) select them using the check box on the left, enter email address into Send to field (or choose it from a list by clicking …
button), enter Subject and (optional) email text, and click Send email button.

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