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How to setup Outlook Autodiscovery for your Domain

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In order to use Microsoft Outlook to connect to your Virtuworks Hosted Exchange account, it is necessary to setup Outlook Autodiscovery. This will enable Outlook to retrieve and configure your account settings automatically from the Virtuworks mail server. This will also prevent any errors from occurring due to misconfiguration. There are a few steps required to setup autodiscovery for your domain.


If your DNS is hosted with Virtuworks, or you would like Virtuworks support team to perform these actions on your local network:

Please contact us using the support request form here. Be sure to include your name, the domain name and a detailed description of the request in the field provided.



If your DNS is NOT hosted with Virtuworks and you would like to perform these actions yourself, follow the steps below:

Note In order to make the following changes to your network configuration, you should have administrative permissions to modify the DNS record for your domain. You must create the Autodiscover SRV record in the external DNS zone that matches the right side of your user’s SMTP addresses. For example, if a user’s primary SMTP address is, the record must be created in the external DNS zone. If you have multiple primary SMTP address domains in your organization, you must create an Autodiscover SRV record in each zone.

  1. In your external DNS zone, remove any HOST (A) or CNAME records for the Autodiscover service.
  2. Use the following parameters to create a new SRV record:
    Service: _autodiscover
    Protocol: _tcp
    Port Number: 443

Note In this example, is a name for which your certificate is valid. Usually, this is the same DNS name that you use for Outlook Anywhere and for Outlook Web Access.

In this example, the Autodiscover service does the following when the client tries to contact the Autodiscover service:

  1. Autodiscover posts to This fails.
  2. Autodiscover posts to This fails.
  3. Autodiscover performs the following redirect check:

    This fails.

  4. Autodiscover uses DNS SRV lookup for, and then “” is returned.
  5. Outlook asks permission from the user to continue with Autodiscover to post to
  6. Autodiscover’s POST request is successfully posted to
About SRV records

If you are using Windows DNS, the steps to create an SRV Record are as follows:

  1. Open the DNS Management MMC snap-in.
  2. Expand Forward Lookup Zones.
  3. Locate and right-click the external DNS zone, and then click Other New Records.
  4. Click Service Location (SRV).
  5. Enter the parameters by using the required values.
  6. Click OK.

Note If you find that you are unable to implement SRV records, Please Contact Virtuworks Support here.

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