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How to create OCS account in your Hosted Organization

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To access the file manager, first Log in to your Control Panel. (see “How to access my control panel” ). In the Hosting Spaces window, click the Hosted Organizations icon as shown in Fig. 15-01.

Fig. 15-01

In the Organizations window, click the name of the organization that you would like to add an OCS account in.

Fig. 15-02

You should now be in the Home window. In the menu to the left, click”OCS Users” under the “OCS” heading (fig. 15-03).

Fig. 15-03

In the “OCS Users” window, click “Create OCS User”.

Fig. 15-04

You will need to choose the Display Name for the now OCS user from the address book as shown in fig. 15-04 and fig. 15-05.

Fig. 15-05

Fig. 15-06

Once you have selected a display name, click the create button.

Fig. 15-07

Use the checkboxes below the Archiving Heading to store IM conversations in the database. Click “Save Changes” when finished.

Fig. 15-08

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