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How to configure my Outlook 2010 client to work with my Velum Hosted Exchange account?

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If you do not have Outlook 2010 installed on your computer, follow these steps to install and configure Outlook 2010 to connect to your Velum Hosted Exchange Account.

Download and extract one of the two zip packages below depending on your operating system:

32 Bit Windows –

64 Bit Windows –


Run the setup.exe file.

Fig. 02-01

Accept the license agreement and click continue.

Fig. 02-02

Click “Install Now”.

Fig. 02-03

Wait a few minutes while the installation is in progress.

Fig. 02-04

When the installation finishes, click close.

Fig. 02-05

Open Outlook by clicking the Start button -> All Programs -> Microsoft Office -> Microsoft Outlook. You will see the Microsoft Outlook 2010 startup wizard. Click next.

Fig. 02-06

choose the “Yes” radio button and click next.

Fig. 02-07

In the “Add new account” window, make sure you select the “E-mail Account” radio button. Fill in the 4 fields provided and then click next.

Fig. 02-08

Wait while Outlook attempts to autodiscover your email settings.

NOTE: In order for Outlook 2010 to automatically detect your mail settings, Autodiscovery must be enabled for your domain. (see “How to setup Outlook Autodiscovery for your Domain“).

If Outlook fails to autodiscover your mail settings, verify that autodiscovery is configured for your domain. See How to verify that Autodiscover is configured for your Velum Hosted Exchange Account.

Fig. 02-09

If Outlook finds your account settings, you will see a permission popup as shown in fig.02-10. Click the “Allow” button.

Fig. 02-10

At this point, a Windows Security popup will appear. Enter your email address and password. Click OK to proceed.

Fig. 02-11

When Outlook completes the configuration, click Finish.

Fig. 02-12

You may need to restart Outlook.

Fig. 02-13

When Outlook reopens,  you will see another permission popup appear. Click “Allow”.

Fig. 02-14

Choose “Use Recomended Settings” and click OK.

Fig. 02-15

You should now be connected to your Velum Hosted Exchange Account.

Fig. 02-16

To finish configuring Outlook, click the file menu and then the”info” tab

Fig. 02-17

Click the account settings option

Fig. 02-18

On the accounts list, double click the Exchange account

Fig. 02-19

On the Server settings page, click more settings

Fig. 02-20

In the Microsoft Exhange dialog, click the “Connection” tab and then click “Exchange Proxy Settings”

Fig. 02-21

The important part is to make sure that both of the following options are enabled:

  • On fast networks,connect using HTTP first, then connect using TCP/IP
  • On slow networks,connect using HTTP first, then connect using TCP/IP

Then click “OK”

Fig. 02-22

Click OK to the restart Outlook message

Fig. 02-23

Close all dialogs and restart Outlook. You should now be able to use your new Velum Hosted Exchange account.

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