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Cloud Services: The Emerging Standard

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Cloud ServicesAccording to a former Sun Microsystems founder and a Stanford professor, as the demand for internet bandwidth and speed grows exponentially, the chances for failures and collisions also increase tenfold. Not to mention that the more people gain trust in online applications and data storage, the more critical those failures and collisions become. That is why David Cheriton and Andreas Bechtolsheim founded Arista Networks. They have committed over $100 Million to the development of devices such as a data-routing switch that can repair problems without shutting down the network. Success in their quest will undoubtedly prove to be an integral step in making working in the Cloud the standard for business IT architecture. It is reassuring to know that along with the stability of offsite solutions such as Virtuworks Cloud Services, someone else is working to make sure the connectivity backbone is prepared for its evolution in the near future.

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